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Where the Hell is my Vagina?


Holy Hormones Journal: No, I did not lose my vagina - but the article below, written by another woman I would have coffee with is about a UK study where only 1/2 of the women ages 26 to 35 were able to locate and label the organs and tissues in the reproductive system. That's what happens when you Continue Reading …

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chandler marrs

Chandler Marrs PhD: Mitochondrial Dysfunction & Vaccines on Holy Hormones Honey! October 29

Chandler Marrs, PhD October 29 7pm ET – 4pm PT Holy Hormones Honey! The Liberty Beacon Network   Join Leslie Carol Botha on Wednesday October 29 when she interviews Chandler Marrs PhD about her work and research in the area of mitochondrial dysfunction and vaccines. Chandler Continue Reading …