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Depo: Suppressing Menstruation at What Cost to Women?


Holy Hormones Journal: My colleague Holly Grigg-Spall raises excellent issues on our concerns about Depo use in developing world countries and on unsuspecting women. Depo Provera is causing so many physical and mental/emotional issues in women in the U.S. - how are the women in India and Africa Continue Reading …

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Daren Hogge: ‘The Science of Happiness’ on April 24

Daren Hogge: The Science of Happiness April 24 Holy Hormones Honey! VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel Noon ET – 9 am PT “I’ve come to believe that virtually all illness, if not psychosomatic in foundation, has a definite psychosomatic component.   The 'molecules of emotion' run Continue Reading …