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Autism Moms are the New Salem Witches!

02.26.15 Salem witch feature

Guest post by April Boden Hi there vaccination nation...  Boy.. big topic these days.. Valid argument on both sides, huh?  I mean, if you're trying to destroy the health and lives of millions of people all over the world, then.. yeah, I suppose the pro-vaxxers have a valid argument, otherwise, Continue Reading …

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cynthia janak feature

Cynthia Janak: Histamine, Vaccines, and Disease – March 4 on Holy Hormones Honey!

Cynthia Janak Histamine, Vaccines, and Disease Holy Hormones Honey! Wednesday, March 4 7 pm ET - 4 pm PT Liberty Beacon Radio Network Cynthia Janak, vaccine safety awareness advocate, and colleague returns to discuss the connection between histamine, vaccines and disease. Janak is a Continue Reading …