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Could Toxic Mold in Homes be the Cause of the ADHD Epidemic?

07.16.15 NTCED

Holy Hormones Journal: We have been looking at so many factors for ADHD and for children on the autism spectrum disorder... did we leave out one that could be the most insidious? 6.4 million children is a heartbreak - that the numbers continue to rise is alarming. But then again, let's look at Continue Reading …

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07.29.15 Dr. Joni Labbe

Dr. Joni Labbe: Is Midlife Mooching Your Mojo? July 29 on Holy Hormones Honey!

Holy Hormones Honey! What an interview - Dr. Labbe was informative, brilliant and talked about functional health - with a huge emphasis on the thyroid.... If you do not have your mojo - and if you are experiencing menopause symptoms... it is all linked back to that gland that is in your throat. A Continue Reading …