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Menstruation A Reproductive Rights Issue – Ask A Woman in Prison

06.25.15 women in jail feature

Holy Hormones Journal: What is it about shaming women? Every step we take the patriarchy is quick to remind and remand us over our menstrual blood. Incarcerating women and then withholding femcare products is a human rights violations. Forcing women to wear stained clothes instead of providing them Continue Reading …

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Christy Whitman feature edit

Christy Whitman: “The Art of Having It All: A Woman’s Guide to Unlimited Abundance” July 1

Women CAN have it all. Women intuitively know how to manifest, create, heal and empower. Please listen to Christy Whitman in her interview on Holy Hormones Honey! Be the change you want to be. Follow Whitman's guidelines to abundance. Be the woman you always knew you could be. The possibilities are Continue Reading …