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Adolescent Girls Having the ‘Talk’ with Pediatricians at Age 9

Female doctor with hand on young female patient's shoulder

Holy Hormones Journal: For the first time, the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) has endorsed 'named' birth control for adolescent girls. In 2007, all the AAP did was issue contraceptive guidelines but now they are recommending the IUD -either Mirena or Paraguard or the implant Implanon and Continue Reading …

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Dr. Nick Campos feature

Dr. Nick Campos: Applying Universal Principles to Health and Wellness, Dec. 17

Gratitude, appreciation; understanding the cycles of life - living with and honoring those cycles are some of the universal principles of health and wellness. Thank you Dr. Nick Campos for a fascinating interview. Audio archived above. Dr. Nick Campos Applying Universal Principles to Health Continue Reading …