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Undies with Women’s Internal Anatomy – Who is Giving Whom A Lesson in Biology?

03.13.15 underwear-art feature

Holy Hormones Journal: Although this young feminist is not planning on selling her artwork as an underline - I still had to ask the question - who would be really getting the biology lesson? Imagine if women were able to purchase a line of undies like this - they would learn... and where them Continue Reading …

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Tuaca Kelly: The Alignment – a Multidimensional Healing Symphony

Tuaca Kelly The Alignment - a Multidimensional Healing Symphony Holy Hormones Honey! April 1 7pm ET - 4 pm PT The Liberty Beacon Media Network   "Where quantum science, consciousness-of-spirit, love and life purpose converge, miracles occur."  ~ Tuaca Kelly My colleague, Tuaca Kelly is Continue Reading …