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Has the Abortion Lobby Nudged America Past Row V. Wade?

Roe V. Wade

Have you noticed how the abortion industry justifies their lobbying as guaranteeing a woman’s access to abortion as promised in Roe v. Wade? Have you ever read Roe v. Wade? No. Me either. After watching the live feed of Wendy’s futile filibuster I was curious enough to track down Roe v. Wade Continue Reading …

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Lisa on MSNBC feature

Lisa Joyce Goes: “The Revolution is Here and We are Raging Over What We Know” on October 22

Lisa Joyce Goes with The Thinking Mom’s Revolution October 22 7pm ET – 4pm PT Holy Hormones Honey! The Liberty Beacon Network Is that Lisa Joyce Goes on MSNBC? Is that Lisa Joyce Goes speaking about the link between vaccines and autism on the Ronan Farrow show on MSNBC? Yes, and yes. And a Continue Reading …