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14 Reasons Why Birth Control Pills are ‘Drug Muggers’

BCP or condom

Holy Hormones Journal:  Although this article is over a year old - the information is still timely, relevant and extremely important. Women (and men too for that matter) are being put on synthetic hormones and medications that rob our body's of vital nutrients. BCP's delete vital nutrients that Continue Reading …

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AutismOne’s Teri Arranga and Leslie Carol Botha on Hormones, Depo Vaccine and Gardasil

On Tuesday, June 24, Teri Arranga of AutismOne fame interviewed Leslie Carol Botha of Holy Hormones fame on a variety of topics relating to women's health and vaccines.  Botha in her usual social/political form jumped into the interview and and as best she tried to follow the outline - dove all over Continue Reading …