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Study: Women on BCP’s have 40% Higher Risk of Getting Brain Cancer

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Holy Hormones Journal: Cancer - the result of the largest uncontrolled medical experiment in history. What people do not realize is that there are not only long terms effects from using synthetic hormones - but the ensuing hormone imbalance is passed in utero to our children. Their endocrine Continue Reading …

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01.15 Marci, Bloomington Alternative article

Marcella Piper-Terry: #Measlesgate – Disease or Natural Immunity? Jan 28 on Holy Hormones Honey!

Marcella Piper-Terry Measles - Disease or Natural Immunity? Holy Hormones Honey! Wednesday, January 28 7 PM ET - 4 pm PT Liberty Beacon Radio Network   Measles outbreak - fact, fiction, fear-mongering and distraction from the real issue at hand and that is the clear and present Continue Reading …