A Dangerous Precedent: Woman Jailed for Aborting Fetus

Holy Hormones Journal: Gendercide, eldercide, infanticide, but not feticide? Women can be raped, beaten, discriminated against, have their babies killed because they are

Credit: NBC News/St Joseph County Police

Credit: NBC News/St Joseph County Police

female…. but God forbid we take matters into our own hands and self-abort and then sentenced to jail for child neglect. It is ok to neglect a child once it is born – as has happened to millions of babies whose parent(s) are unable to care for yet another child. Where do you think baby’s body parts are disposed of after a clinical abortion? Those parts not butchered and used for stem cells or vaccines, that is.

This is not just an abortion right’s issue – this is a women’s rights issue. And we all need to be aware that this case sets a dangerous precedent of using ‘anti-abortion’ laws to convict women of murder.

Witch Trial

Purvi Patel, who name and sad case is now known world-wide – was surely justified in making her decision.  How can we doubt that? Who are we to judge when we have not walked in another’s shoes?  She has been shamed. And because of this – she will probably be treated as a piranha and further victimized in jail.

Why aren’t the distributors of abortifacients fined? Demands made to take their products off the market.

This is a serious crossroads for women – and the backlash against this act of courage or desperation conducted in great fear, I would imagine, is going to affect many more women. We need to be diligent. We cannot afford to go back to the days before choice. This abortion issue has been and always will be over “A woman’s right to choose.” Period.  Just because abortion clinics are designed to further traumatize, shame and brutally suck a fetus out of the body – doesn’t mean that we can afford to lose our choice. Abortion is an industry – just like the meat industry. That is kind of cruel but it needs to be said.

So what is going to happen to the woman with mental health issues who ripped a fetus out of another woman’s body? How many years will she get? Both of these stories leave me trembling.

Most women are not aware that there is a gentle alternative to abortion. It is called menstrual extraction.

Menstrual extraction is something most people have never heard of. It is a simple suction technique used to remove the menstrual blood from the uterus on the first day of menstruation. It can remove a fertilized egg from the uterus. It has been used by women who wish to shorten the duration of their bleeding; female athletes, travelers, honeymooners. It can be used as a life saving technique as documented by one midwife who found herself in the middle of a severe winter storm with a client who had just miscarried and was bleeding heavily. She was unable to transport the woman to the hospital due to road conditions and the ambulance was unable to get through for the same reason. A menstrual extraction was preformed, removing the rest of the retained tissue and the uterus was able to clamp down and slow the bleeding to an acceptable level.

Alas, there is no money to be made here; no shaming of women – no punishment or trauma no politics to argue over whether a woman has a right to choose- and yet this practice has been and is being used by midwives and other women caring for women for hundreds of years.

It was known as the ‘woman’s way’…. a way we have forgotten because it has been forbidden.

US woman jailed for 20 years for foeticide after miscarriage

April 1, 2015

An American woman has become the first in the US to be jailed for foeticide – the aborting of a foetus – after being sentenced to 20 years over the death of her child.

Purvi Patel, 33, was convicted of using abortion drugs bought online to terminate her pregnancy and child neglect, having put the stillborn foetus into a bin following a miscarriage at home.

Patel was arrested in July 2013 after arriving at St. Joseph Hospital in Mishawaka, Indiana, bleeding heavily before ultimately admitting to medical authorities what had happened after initially denying being pregnant.

The state of Indiana’s verdict and sentencing has alarmed campaigners for women’s rights.

“What this conviction means is that anti-abortion laws will be used to punish pregnant woman,” Lynn Paltrow, executive director for National Advocates for Pregnant Women, told NBC News.

The case against Patel rested on whether the baby was breathing or still-born at the point of birth.

While a medical witness testified Purvi was most likely 23-24 weeks pregnant, when the foetus was not viable, a forensic pathologist ruled the infant was alive at birth.

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