Irish Women Need 3 Consultants for Termination of Pregnancy

Holy Hormones Honey! Abortions- already place so much mental/emotional stress on women.  They feel guilty and shamed already.  Can you imagine if a woman had to get three consultants to get an abortion after being raped?  I would be suicidal. Having to get three doctor (presumably male) consultations is a crime against women – whether or not they are suicidal.  An extra expense to an already expensive medical procedure. And abortion as it exists now – in my humble pro-choice opinion is nothing more than legalized rape on women.  It is a mentally, emotionally and physically violent procedure on our bodies.

Do you see how this shaming of women and our bodies is so pervasive – all across the world.  Young girls and women are shamed banned when they menstruate in India and other under-developed parts of the world – while in the developed world – women are shamed and blamed in more civilized ways. Anyone her the authoritative ‘male speak’ quotes in this article?

Three consultants required to certify need for abortion

GP should be consulted but is not required to certify a necessity for termination

The Irish Times
by Mary Minihan
May 1, 2013

Girl in despairUnder the terms of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013, where there is a “real and substantial” risk to the life of the woman due to the risk of suicide, three consultant doctors will be required to certify the need for a termination of pregnancy. The three doctors should comprise one obstetrician and two psychiatrists.

While the woman’s GP should be consulted by at least one of those doctors where possible, the GP is not required to certify the need for a termination.

If deemed necessary to save the woman’s life, the termination would be carried out in one of the 19 public/voluntary obstetric units covered by The Health Information Quality Authority (Hiqa).

It will be a matter for the patient to decide whether she wishes to proceed with a termination following a decision that it is necessary to save her life.

Explanatory note

The explanatory note attached to the Bill states: “In circumstances where the unborn may be potentially viable outside the womb, doctors must make all efforts to sustain its life after delivery.”

However, the note states, that requirement does not go so far as to oblige a medical practitioner to disregard a real and substantial risk to the life of the woman on the basis that it will result in the death of the unborn.

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