Women and Prescription Pain Addiction in the US: 18 OD Daily

Holy Hormones Journal:  The data in this article is quite compelling and quite forth-telling.  I have been preparing a power pointDrug Flag presentation on Women, Hysteria and Mental Illness – which dates all the way back to Aristotle.  Yup – hormone/behavior/mood shifts have been misunderstood and mistreated for centuries.  However, mental illness was and always has been – and still is today linked to women’s reproductive organs. Obviously hysteria – hysterectomy.  Many have pointed out that the being female – is being mentally ill.

I will pause here – so you can let that one absorb.  Being ‘female’ is being mental ill. Any wonder why women are prescribed so many anti-depressants and other psychotropics… and have been unwitting participants in the largest uncontrolled medical experiment in history – synthetic hormones STEROID birth control?

Understanding how women are viewed by the other ‘half’ is helpful in understanding why are pelvic goldmines have been plundered and why we have been objectified and subjectified to so many horrors… like using Lysol disinfectant for feminine hygiene.

Although mood disorders may be brought on by genetics, hormone imbalance and lack of nutrient uptake – which is the focus of my new show on VoiceAmerica’s Health and Wellness Channel, we must also take into consideration that our pain and depression also stems from living within a social context that has very little meaning to us… and ties us into roles and images that are constricting and controlled by others.

 Is it any wonder that women are in pain?

According to the author, nearly 50,000 women overdosed on pain medications in 11 years. Where is the outrage?

The statistics state that women between the ages of 45 and 54 are most at risk – isn’t that women our roles as mother’s are mostly done? We are faced with empty nest syndrome… our reproductive roles over… and perhaps are bodies, minds are spirits are undernourished by this age.  And we look around and say why and what now? Our children are grown and our partner has grown a part. Are we that inconvenient?

Is it any wonder that women are in pain?

My guess is that many women unintentionally OD during the paramenstrum when immunity and hormone levels are at their lowest.

I think it is time to begin educating women about hormone shifts, behaviors and outcomes.  This lack of education has kept us not only victims of our bodies… but also plays into the patriarchal game that women need to be controlled.

Think about it.  How would men fare if the roles were reversed?  Not so well. This is what unequal sexist cultures produce.  One become the controller and the other – the controlled.

Why have women been suppressed, repressed, depressed and in pain for so long? Perhaps it is because of the innate power we have – perhaps someone is fearful of our waking up.

Native American Proverb:  “A nation is not defeated until the heart’s of its women are on the ground.”

Prescription Drug Addiction Growing Among Women

Between 1999 and 2010, nearly 50,000 women died from painkiller overdoses in the United States.

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RX drugsPrescription drug abuse and addiction is becoming more prevalent among women across the country.

18 women die each day in the United States from drug overdoses.

Dr. Jim Mahanes said he had believed that drug overdoses were mostly a problem with men before researching the growing number of women who are abusing drugs.

He led a discussion of the issue with members of the Prescription Drug Abuse Alliance Thursday morning.

He said drug abuse and misuse among women is a growing and under-recognized problem.

Between 1999 and 2010, nearly 50,000 women died from painkiller overdoses in the United States, he said.

“This was a 400 percent increase for women, as compared to a 265 percent increase in men,” Mahanes said.

Prescription painkillers are in involved in 1 in 10 suicides among women, he said.

For each woman who died during that period of time, another 30 women attended emergency rooms for drug abuse and misuse.

Women age 45-54 have the highest risk of dying from a painkiller overdose.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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