Boys to be injected with notoriously dangerous cervical cancer jab *

Why boys need a jab for cervical cancer: Only then will girls be totally protected, say experts

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Daily Mail
By Daniel Martin

Boys should be vaccinated against the sexual infection which causes cervical cancer because so few girls have had the jab that protects against it, say campaigners.

Ministers want all girls between the ages of 12 and 18 to be given the jab over the next three years.

But latest figures show only 73 per cent of girls aged 12 and 13 had received the first two of the doses of the vaccine by this January.

Among 17 and 18-year-olds – the other group to be targeted so far in the Government’s campaign – only 22 per cent have had two doses, largely because it is harder to reach girls when they have left school.

There have also been concerns over possible side-effects.

Dr Anne Szarewski, from Cancer Research UK, said widespread immunity can only be guaranteed if boys aged 12 to 18 are also vaccinated – a programme which would cost £600million.

Speaking at a women’s health conference in London, reported in GP magazine, she said it was ‘very likely that boys would be vaccinated sometime down the line’.

Dr Szarewski, of the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, said giving both sexes the jab would boost uptake by removing the stigma. This was especially true among ethnic minorities, where there can be pressure not to vaccinate girls against a sexually-transmitted infection.

Professor John Oxford, a virology expert at St Bart’s hospital in London, said: ‘With HPV, we should do both sexes and get them early.’

Last year Dr Paul Yeo, a virologist at Durham University, said that because it was not known how long the immunity offered by the jab will last, women could become vulnerable to HPV infection in their 20s.


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Check out these quotes and comments at the end of the blog:

Does the different mind of elites offer any clues?

Elitist Bertrand Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (1872-1970), a Nobel Prize winner, worked on the education of young children and was an award winner of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s Kalinga Prize. A highly respected man by the 1% dominant minority. In his book The Scientific Outlook (1931) he wrote: “Perhaps by means of injections and drugs and chemicals the population could be induced to bear whatever its scientific masters may decide to be for its good.” – 256

The following quote is from Charles Galton Darwin’s book published in 1952, Charles Galton Darwin was the grandson of Charles Darwin: “Looking a little deeper there is the possibility of substantially altering the intellectual and moral natures of individuals by some sort of hormonal injections; already great effects have been produced in animals.”

What class owns the A shares in global corporations who are granted government contracts?

Daily Mail, 2008: “Elderly people with dementia are ‘wasting’ the lives of those who have to care for them, one of the country’s most influential experts on medical ethics said yesterday. Baroness Warnock said that for the old and sick who are contemplating dying, ‘there is nothing wrong with feeling you ought to do so’.”


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