Hormone Imbalance and the Menstrual Cycle

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Why Hormone Imbalance?

Monthly periods start at puberty and continue until menopause – which is between the ages of 45 and 55. The monthly cycle often comes with various uncomfortable symptoms. Many women take these for granted; most of these can be relieved – using natural methods. It is a woman’s right to have normal, pain free, regular periods.

Why, Exactly, Is There Hormonal Imbalance?

This can happen for a variety of reasons, and when it does it often brings with it various health symptoms.

Reasons for the imbalance can include: genetic factors, long term stress, poor diet or not enough exercise; following childbirth or abortion, or following illness – both of which may have been debilitating.

Yes – Herbs Do Often Work

Many women have not considered using herbs – because they are not sure they work. The truth is, they often do work; not every herbs will work 100% of the time and you will need to find what works for you. But try a few tried and tested herbs or combinations of herbs and you have a great chance of finding something safe which helps you. Combine this with lifestyle improvements and you have even more chance of success.


Hormonal symptoms connected to the monthly cycle:

  • Heavy periods
  • Light periods, or absence of periods
  • Irregular periods
  • Difficulty conceiving
  • Painful periods
  • Breast tenderness
  • Abdominal swelling or ‘bloating’
  • Fatigue – especially at period time or just after
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Disturbance of sleep pattern
  • Depression
  • Moodiness
  • Irritability, edginess
  • Cystitis

Hormone Imbalance, Menstrual Symptoms And Low Blood Sugar

Menstrual symptoms are very like those relating to blood sugar imbalance – low blood sugar. For example, variable mood can accompany low blood sugar – and may not necessarily accompany hormone imbalance. Avoid the temptation to consume lots of sugary food to counteract this because this raises blood sugar levels which can make you feel even less well.  The guide is: do the symptoms occur just before, during or after the period or at mid cycle? If  so – and if this happens for several months in a row, then hormone imbalance is involved.

Can Anything Be Done About Hormone Imbalance and Periods?

Fortunately there are various things which can be done to help balance up the hormones and deal with many symptoms of the monthly cycle by using herbs and similar methods. Herbs you can use for menstrual symptoms include Agnus Castus, Dong Quai, St John’s Wort and Red Sage.

You can create this programme yourself by using the ideas in this article as a starting point. You can also find ready-made programmes which you can buy off the shelf. This can be a better idea.

If possible it is better to involve experienced practitioners in complementary medicine for advice and remedial treatment. This can be expensive – but is often worth it.

Any programme you use should include diet, exercise, relaxation and herbal or homoeopathic remedies. Acupuncture can also be very beneficial at this time. A programme of this type can be a wonderful benefit when you want to treat the monthly cycle and can give you great relief from your symptoms.

Herbs, homoeopathy and acupuncture can certainly help hormonal imbalance, and so help many of these symptoms. Both for periods in general and for menopause in particular many women think first of using herbs. Herbs such as agnus castus and dong quai have a long history of helping women. However, these will work best as part of a holistic approach to healthcare – ‘your programme’.

Natural Healthcare For Menstrual Symptoms

When hormone imbalance affects your monthly cycle and various symptoms start to affect you, use natural methods to help you manage it. These methods have helped very many women – and they can work for you too.

Read more great information about combating menstrual symptoms by using HERBS, EXERCISE, AND DIET to give you normal, balanced bleeding and comfort during the monthly cycle.

Find out more about a fantastic HERBAL SOLUTION TO PERIOD PROBLEMS: a unique 90-DAY HERBAL MENSTRUAL PROGRAMME containing excellent Menstrual Cycle herbs. Many women have found this solution really worked for them.


Comment from Leslie –

This is an excellent article – but also remember hormone imbalance may be due to an excess of estrogen found in our environment.  Using natural progesterone is also very beneficial.  See www.estrogenissues.com


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.


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  2. Hello, Max – I did not chop off the end of the article – I redirected people to your site. However, I have now posted the entire article. Great writing and handling of an important topic. There is still a re-direct to your site.
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  3. Interesting article on hormone imbalance! I know of a great website which promotes a medical group. This group provides adrenal fatigue syndrome medicines. Also treatment is provided for fibromyalgia, neurological illnesses and complex endocrine dysfunction.

  4. Nancy Chegero says:

    Thanks alot for your information.
    Have learnt much.
    so important.
    Be blessed.

  5. Thank you Nancy.
    You have made my day.
    Hormone blessings,


  6. i have a ubsent manstruation for six month now but i am not pregant for sure

  7. What is it you are asking?

    Hormone regards,


  8. I have not had my period for 3 months now and I have not experienced any kind of pain. should I be worried

  9. Do not have enough information to know. Are you having unprotected sex? Have you had a pregnancy test?

    Hormone regards,


  10. I am still a virgin so there is no way I can be pregnant, I have been reading a lot of websites and the effects of missing your period are really worrying me.

  11. Hi- Zethu – Are you not menstruating? You are so right… the effects of not menstruating can have an impact on a woman’s health.

    Hormone regards,


  12. thanks for the information

  13. You are welcome timon.

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  14. i have missed periods for about 6 months now.since then,a cyst appeared near my vagina, having vaginal bleeding after having unprotected sex and also feeling pain when making love.what could be the problem because am worried or what should i do to have everything back to normal especially periods?

  15. Hi Jane – I would see an endocrinologist for this issue.

    Hormone regards,


  16. Hello,
    I was wondering what can I take to control my hormone imbalance, I have been bleeding for the past month non stop and when I went to the doctor the only thing they gave me to control it was the birth control pill, the doctor said it was going to control it and stop my period but it hasn’t work! Last week I went back and they told me I have a hormone imbalance but just told me to keep taking the birth control pill! I tried going to a pharmacy to get something for the imbalance but I can’t get anything without a prescription, so is there anything I can take to balance my hormones or stop my period?

  17. Hi Eli – I do not have enough information to go on here… have you ever had this type of bleeding before? Were you in the Depo birth control? And I do not know what type of pill you are on to know what to suggest. I would try natural progesterone cream – the absence of adequate progesterone levels may be causing the hemorrhaging. Also look for bioflavonoids – they are a supplement and strengthen uterine capillaries along with blood vessels etc. Inadequate amounts of this micronutrient may also be part of the problem… but I bet it is the low levels of progesterone. I am going to suggest that you contact Dr. Michael Platt – http://plattwellness.com. He is an expert in progesterone therapy and offers teleconsults.

    Hormone regards,


  18. hello i wil really appreciate your reply. i have two kids now and am hoping for more,but my problem is my menstrual flow looks like is coming to an end from 5 day to 1 one day now and its light. do you think its a menopause sign or its just a hormonal changes because i feel really strong and healthy. im really worried ,what do you suggest i take. thanks

  19. Wawoo. this is relieving. I am 25 and ever since I started seeing my period since I was 14years, my period seizes like for 3months 4months and there about. I have tried So many herbs cleanse. but it still continued. I’m tired of this problem sometimes I do ask myself why me? what have u done wrong to deserve this. please help me. I’m So confused. thanks

  20. Hi Angel… first of all this is not anything you deserve. What we are dealing with is hormone imbalance. I am sure you are confused. Where are you emailing from? I really need more information to go on…. are you on birth control? What types of birth control have you used? If you are bleeding excessively and that is what I believe I am reading from your post…you may be progesterone deficient… there are many birth control methods that can cause this to happen. You might want to try and get some natural progesterone cream from the pharmacy or the health food store – and apply as directed. This might very well help with the bleeding. If not, please see a doctor – or see a doctor right away and let him know what you are experiencing.

    Hope to hear back from you.

    Hormone regards,


  21. Hi, Nayomi – how old are you? Are you on any birth control? I have no idea i this is a menopause sign. Do you have other health issues?

    Please come back and answer my question so I know how to help you.

    Hormone regards,


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