Timing of Eating – The Metabolic Cycle


August 8, 2008

By azharistic

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Yesterday, brother syed naufal shared with us very interesting information with regards to the body’s natural metabolic cycle. In Summary:

There are three periods in one day. When one eats in compliance with the body’s natural cycles,
he will end up in a better bodily state.


4am to 12pm : ELIMINATION.

Body is removing the unneccessary, waste products, at the same time cells are being repaired.

Eat and drink only fruits (juices), fibrous items.


[from natural nutritionist Rudy Silva:]

By eating in this way you are assisting your body’s elimination cycle.

This helps your body to eliminate toxins and acids from your body and blood by

increasing your urination and bowel movements. It is these toxins and acids that make you sick and overweight.


Eating solid food for breakfast – eggs potatoes, rice, meat, cereal, milk, and so on interfere with your body’s elimination cycle and eventually leads to sickness and excess weight. It takes over 3 hours to digest heavy and solid food. The food you should be eating, in the morning. should digest quickly, within ½ hour, to help remove toxins, acids, and waste from your body.


Heavy food slows down the elimination of toxins from your body and this causes more toxins to remain in the body to get stored at fat and acids. Acids are the main cause of most illnesses and so you want to have an alkaline body. Fruits and vegetables give you an alkaline body.


It takes ½ hour or so to digest fruit and fruit juices. Because of this, they help to cleanse your body of waste during the morning cycle. Fruits are 70% water just like your body and this gives them the cleansing action they have and that your body needs.


So if you are not already having fruit and fruit juices for breakfast and snacks, start slowly changing your habits, if you want to lose weight and feel better.


Now, one other thing, don’t eat fruits and juices with your lunch or dinner meals.


12 pm to 8 pm: DIGESTION

[from rudy silva:]

During this period is time to eat solid food. What you eat has to be in alignment with what your stomach can do.


Here’s how your stomach works. In generally it can only digest one solid food at a time.

A solid food is one that does not contain 70% water, like fruits and vegetables do, and whose water has been eliminated by heat or other food processes, in other words cooked.


Your stomach can only work on one solid food at a time, so your lunch and dinner should only have one solid food. A lunch can consist of chicken and a green salad, fish and a green salad, tuna and a green salad, shrimp and a green salad, beef and a green salad.


Mixing a protein meal with carbohydrates is giving the stomach two solid foods at the same time, which require different concentrations of digestive juices.


Giving the stomach more than it can handle interrupts the elimination cycle 1 and reduces the energy that you need for the elimination cycle.


Any eating habit that disrupts cycle 2, the eating and digestion cycle, affects the other cycles. Here’s how you can help your body’s cycle 2 to be more effective.


1.  eat only one solid food with vegetables during lunch or dinner. Lunch can be one meat or seafood with a fresh vegetable salad.

2.  limit the amount of water you drink during your eating. Excess water will dilute your digestive acids and slow down digestion of your food.

3.  Eliminate drinking any sodas, coffee, tea or other drinks during your meals. If you need to clear your dry throat use a little water, which is a room temperature. Cold liquids will slow down your digestive processes.

4.  eating meals with more than one solid food such as meat and potatoes, chicken and rice, fish and rice, chicken and noodles, eggs and toast, cheese and bread will diminish the energy you need during the elimination cycle 1.

5.  it is permissible to eat beef and chicken at the same time but not chicken and eggs or beef and nut or chicken and beans. Eat the same type of protein at the same time but do not mix different proteins.

6.  It’s ok to eat different types of carbohydrates at the same time, with a salad, but not with protein, since carbohydrates digest easier than protein.


Eating a protein and a carbohydrate at the same time sets the stage for severe illness later in life. A protein requires acid for digestion and a carbohydrate requires alkaline juices for digestion. This combination produces acid juices and alkaline juices at the same time. This combination produces water, which creates digestive juices that cannot fully digest either type of food.


In this case, the body produces more acid and more alkaline juices, which again are neutralized. The cycle continues until the food in your stomach starts to putrefy and ferment causing gas and acids. The gas causes belching and the combination gas and acids can lead to acid reflux.


As foods turn into acids because of the putrefaction and fermentation process, this food acid spoils all of the food in your stomach, causing undigested food to back flow up your esophagus and flow prematurely into your small intestine.


Food that is partially undigested becomes acidic, which affect the health of your colon, and when absorbed into your body is converted into fat and stored as a toxin your body.


8pm to 4am : ASSIMILATION/ABSORPTION Nutrients are being absorbed by the cells.

[From Rudy Silva:]


Eat your last meal by 6-7pm so that your food digests in your stomach by the time you go to bed,. After three hours later, your food will have moved into your small intestine where it is ready for assimilation.


When you go to bed 3 hours after your last meal, the next 6 hours, until 4am, your body will be absorbing the food you have eaten the previous day.


Final notes from Rudy Silva

Remember, anything you do different than what these cycles call for will disrupt them and and cause them to become extended. When this happens, your food turns into acid, you don’t absorb the value of your food, you lose energy and become tired, and over time you gain weight and create serious illnesses.


Have you ever notices how everyone you know eventually comes down with some sickness which require surgery or doctor’s drugs. Think about it. Is this what you want to happen to you. Just start changing your eating habits slowly and as time passes you will be doing more and more of what your body’s natural cycles need.


Rudy Silva has a degree in Physics from the University of San Jose and is a Natural Nutritionist with a certiicate from Bauman College of Nutrition. He is the author of Constipation, Acne, Hemorrhoid, and Fatty Acid ebooks. He writes a newsletter called Natural Remedies Thatwork.com For more information on his writings go to http://www.stop-constipation.com




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