1.3k Teens Implanted with BC w/o Parental Consent


Holy Hormones Journal: How would you like to send your 13 year-old daughter off to school and have her come home and say 08.25.15 school-girl“Mommy, I got this thing implanted in my arm today? Or Mommy, I got this thing shoved into my tummy today.

Anyone every have a $%^&* IUD inserted? Remember the pain and discomfort? Remember the friggin’ doctor maneuvering through your vagina and up into the cervix? Shoving that thing in there with a patriarchal, “You might feel a little discomfort with this.” Discomfort my ass. That hurt.

How about inserting a rod into your arm? How traumatizing is this for an adolescent girl.

How shaming – what is the message – we know you are going to have sex so we are going to sterilize you now?

“Mommy, it hurts.” And you are standing there in tears – shocked and aghast because you cannot help her. Ease her pain. Ease her trauma.

Your daughter has been sold to the state when you thought you were sending her off to school.

Because Washington State law allows minors access to birth control without parental permission, children as young as 12 can get IUDs implanted without parents’ knowledge.

Of course, this is only happening in Seattle – but it is a state law that allows minors access to birth control without informed parental , consent for children as young as 12. Girls all over Washington are at risk. How the hell does that make you feel?

Long-Acting Reversible Contraception (LARCs) have the risk of side effects – and you had no choice in the matter. Where are the studies on the safety and efficacy of synthetic hormones on adolescent girls. This is nothing short of a medical experiment.

And by the way – just so you are aware there have been no safety studies on the use of synthetic contraceptives and the HPV vaccine when received simultaneously – or even during the duration of contraceptive use.

Your daughter is having ‘the talk’ without you – with white coats armed with a state mandated message. All in the first days of school when contract workers – strangers to your child- discuss sex, birth control, and other health problems including treatments of sexually transmitted diseases.

And then your daughter says “Mommy, I also got a shot today and that hurt… and I do not feel good” How will you feel?

Line up – and let them out into the world. Vulnerable. Open to unaccountable sex from boys and men.

What is the message being given? “We know you are going to to be promiscuous so we are going to do what we can to protect you from yourself.

The response? That will take care of those parents who demand informed consent, vaccine choice. What most of you do not know is that this has been going on – while many have been focused on what you presumed were the ‘crazies’ who were being vocal on the vaccine issue. When what we were really trying to tell you is that your parental rights and choices for your children are eroding away.


Are you ready to hand your daughters over to the state?


Seattle schools give 1.3K teens the Pill, IUDs, advice

August 23, 2015

Without parental consent, Seattle public schools gave girls as young 13 contraceptives — including the Pill, long-term arm implants and intrauterine devices (IUDs) — with nearly 1,300 students receiving birth control counseling.


The anti-pregnancy drugs and devices were passed out — unbeknownst to parents — behind locked school gates on campuses in Seattle.

The recent escalation in the number of distributed contraceptives was reportedly no mistake,according to LifeSiteNews.com.

“[T]he number of middle and high school girls in Seattle who got long-acting reversible contraceptives like IUDs doubled in the last year due to efforts of the school system,” LifeSiteNews.com’s Mark Hodges reports.

State law takes away parental control over their children’s health

Public schools in the Seattle metropolitan area have taken full advantage of a state law that undermines the parental right to decide whether their minors receive birth control or not.

“Because Washington State law allows minors access to birth control without parental permission, children as young as 12 can get IUDs implanted without parents’ knowledge,” Hodges continued.

The shocking statistics were divulged by the King County Health Department, which provided the Seattle City Council with a recent update on the student contraceptive program within area public schools.

After crunching the numbers, county officials reported that contraceptive counseling was provided for at least 1,293 high school students. However, the actual number of teen students who were given contraceptive arm implants, IUDs and the Pill was not accounted for. The lack of accountability for school officials has many parents up-in-arms.

Even more alarmingly, it was found that 49 students attending Seattle junior high schools received the same contraceptive counseling given to area high school students. Of the 49 young teens and preteens, four were recipients of an arm-implanted device that serves as a long-acting contraceptive — with parents nowhere around.

Sex advice, birth control … and STD treatment, as well?

Giving out birth control to minors isn’t the only thing parents with children enrolled in Seattle schools have to worry about, as public schools in the Pacific Northwest city are now in the business of hiring private contractors to treat student health problems, including treatments of sexually transmitted diseases.

“The school-based birth control dispensaries, called ‘health centers,’ not only dispense contraceptives, but also treat various injuries and health issues of students,” Hodges informed. “They are run by private organizations but are funded by tax dollars through a Families and Education Levy.”

Usurping parental control isn’t the only concern for many parents in the Seattle area. The risks inherent with using many of the contraceptives freely and secretly given at public schools to students have many parents worried that the schools can be bringing untold harm to children’s health without their consent. This raises the question — will schools be held accountable for the health problems that students incur due to unsafe contraception freely dispensed on campus without parental notification?

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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