Science Supports Concerns about the Birth Control Pill – So Why the Taboos?

Science Supports Concerns about the Birth Control Pill – So Why the Taboos Against Discussing it with Doctors?

I just listened to the short video on the Kick Starter campaign for the Sweetening the Pill documentary that we are supporting. Filmmakers,  Ricki Lake and AbbySweetening the Pill book_cover Epstein will investigate our current and future choices for contraception in this feature documentary. It is excellent. Every woman needs to watch. Every woman should be concerned. Every man should be concerned as well.

One of the doctors in the short video on the page – came out and stated that synthetic hormones suppresses the emotional center of the brain. So why did you think you were having all of these mental/emotional issues? Why is women’s mental health status one of the six top health trends in the country?

It is interesting to be so involved socially and politically as a feminist in this day and time. It is also dangerous, as we in the autism community have just witnessed the mysterious and untimely death of yet another doctor and researcher who has helped many family’s cope with their child’s environmentally induced neurological damage. That is on top of the mysterious and untimely loss of two other well-known, beloved physicians in our community, Dr. Mayer Eisenstein and Dr. Andrew Moulden. Both were my colleagues. All three passed within the last 18 months.

I had the opportunity to meet the late Dr. James Jeffery Bradstreet at last month’s AutismOne conference. And now he is gone. And so many are suffering.

Why you might ask – and you should – am I writing about this in a post to encourage you to support the Sweetening the Pill documentary? Because. Well, there is a lot more than that. Because – it is time to call out the pharmaceutical industry for the harm they have done to us and now to our children.  We can no longer be bullied and we can no longer stand for the injustice of hiding research, distorting outcomes for profit and for taking down innocent men who lived their lives in integrity and service.

Your health status is the result of the long-term use of birth control, vaccines, psychotropic drugs. So tell me – how healthy are you? How healthy is your family?
Our health status is also the result of the amount of environmental toxins in our bodies. Synthetic hormones is only one of a myriad of toxins that is invading our cells, and polluting our bloodstream.

Why do women get steamrolled into taking the birth control pill or other synthetic hormones every time they walk into the doctor’s office? Why is the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists so bent on putting adolescent girls on synthetic hormones to regulate their cycle – even before the start cycling? When in fact, birth control is eliminating the cycle all together.  Who was the one who told you you didn’t need to menstruate? The doctor? Serious? We were born to menstruate. Just like we were born to be wild. Free – living and loving our life instead of being suppressed with medications.

There was an article that appeared in the Guardian this week written by a mother whose daughter died because of pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks and subsequent irreversible brain swelling from the NuvaRing. Aren’t you outraged?

One of the first things the doctors asked was whether Erika had been using hormonal contraceptives. When they found out she was using Karen nuvaringNuvaRing – a vaginal ring that releases so-called third-generation synthetic hormones – they removed it immediately. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving we were shown scans of her lungs, which were full of massive blood clots. We were told NuvaRing was the cause of the pulmonary embolisms, heart attacks and subsequent irreversible brain swelling. On Thursday – Thanksgiving – they told us Erika wasn’t coming back. She died that day. It absolutely broke our hearts.

We considered ourselves well-informed people, Erika even more so, and yet we did not know NuvaRing had this risk. We soon learned that most people, including many doctors, are not aware of the potential dangers or even the symptoms to look out for. Erika had been prescribed NuvaRing four years earlier as a treatment for ovarian cysts – an off-label use. –

‘Last year Merck made a staggering $723m from NuvaRing. Settlements are just the cost of doing business to Merck, all at the expense of women’s health and lives.’

Merck is also the manufacturer of the HPV vaccine, Gardasil which is also ruining so many families lives. Daughters are dying and have become disabled.  Why are we letting these companies do this to us?

During those decades when we’re trying to avoid getting pregnant, many of us seem to find ourselves settling for a method we’re not entirely happy with or switching from one hormonal contraceptive to another – from pill to implant to ring, for example – trying to find something that fits.  The ads and inserts give us long lists of the possible side effects, but it doesn’t make them any easier to live with.  Some non-hormonal options seem to have disappeared almost entirely (anybody try to get a diaphragm lately?) while more hormonal options have become available.

Women fought fiercely to get the birth control pill, but now we seem to be fighting to get off it. In 1960 the birth control pill was all about progress, but does it still fit with our values today? Do we look to the tech sector to take on the challenge of providing women with alternatives to the pill?

The book “Sweetening the Pill” by Holly Grigg-Spall revealed to us that women are ready to look beyond hormonal contraceptives.

Are you ready?

This is a big issue. It is about medical freedom and choice. Not about coercion and profits for the pharmaceutical companies. If you are following my posts you will understand that women are ill going into pregnancy – they are birthing with complications – and our babies are being born ill.  And then we are diagnosed with maternal mental illness.

Please stand up – to injustice. It is time for men to zip up their pants and participate in a conversation about fertility. It is time for us to invite them in. It is time for industry to stop shaming women for menstruating.

It is time to take our fertility into our own hands and that is so easy. We have fertility apps, and as back up an over-the counter emergency pill. This is the same conversation that is going on with this new “female Viagra” – a thrice-failed antidepressant now being marketed to enhance women’s sexual libido. Except women have to be on it daily. Just like synthetic hormones.

I for one, am obviously not on synthetic hormones since I still have my emotions. My rationale. My memory. My sense of what is right and what is wrong. My libido. My feminist spirit. It is a good place to be.

Please join us. We all know women injured by birth control. Check out the hundreds of comments of women who have reached out to me over Depo Provera withdrawal or the hundreds of other women who are reaching out for advice about their hormone imbalance related anxiety. No one should have to suffer like this.

Sweetening the Pill – a documentary



Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.

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