Husbands Beware: Women Coming off Contraception May No Longer be Attracted to You

Holy Hormones Journal: If coming off the hormone contraceptives affects how a woman perceives her husband’s attractiveness – then shouldn’t we be wondering about what the pill is doing to women’s minds? How can that even be good for women. Many women even question who they are coming off the pill. Women even question who they were when they were on hormone contraceptives. How can this be healthy for our minds? We know it is not healthy for our bodies.

Credit: George Hodan/public domain

Credit: George Hodan/public domain

Contraception may change how happy women are with their husbands

by Kathleen Haughney
December 3, 2014

(Medical Xpress)—Choosing a partner while on the pill may affect a woman’s marital satisfaction, according to a new study from Florida State University and Southern Methodist University.

In fact, the pill may be altering how attractive a woman finds a man.

In a new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers examined 118 newlywed couples for up to four years. The women were regularly surveyed with questions asking them about their level of satisfaction with the relationship and their use of contraceptives.

The results showed that women who were using hormonal contraceptives when they met their husband experienced a drop in marital satisfaction after they discontinued a hormone-based birth control. But, what’s interesting is how the change in their satisfaction related to their husbands’ facial attractiveness.

Women who stopped taking a hormonal contraceptive and became less satisfied with their marriage tended to have husbands who were judged as less attractive. The women who were more satisfied after stopping contraceptive use had husbands who were judged as good looking.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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