Women are not broken

Holy Hormones Journal:

Women’s bodies are not broken – but in many respects within a testosterone-driven society – our bodies have become a burden. Would they be a burden if we lived a life without endocrine disruptors08.01.16 model-1115438_1280– if we lived a life that was fostered on our values… if we lived in a culture that valued our bodies, our thoughts, our instincts?  Would our body be a burden if we understood the sacredness of our menstrual cycle and its place as one of the great natural cycles of this universe. Would our body be a burden if men respected the sacredness of our fertility? If we lived in a world where women were revered – there would be no constraints.

I do agree with the author, that natural family planning and cycle awareness is a huge first-step in admitting that our bodies are not bad or broken. There is nothing more innately powerful than understanding your cyclical minds, moods and behaviors and be able to trust yourself instead of having to control or be controlled by artificial hormones and psychotic drugs.

“Hysteria – a word used to make women feel insane for knowing what they know.” ~ Eve Ensler In the Body of the World

Remember this is not the reality women would have created if we had been part of the equation instead of being suppressed from day one. Eve even knew she landed in the wrong garden and was attempting to remind Adam of another way of life by sharing the apple. She was desperately trying to hold on to her instinctual remembering. A remembering that has become lost for too many women.

Because a group of people once gave me two apple trees for my yard, I arrived at my own definition of the difference between power and control.

This happened to me as a result of understanding the nature of apples, how they come about.

An apple is something real, which is created; this is power.  Only an apple tree can make an apple, no one else can.  The wealthiest magnate on earth cannot make an apple no matter how he might stand in the sun, or squat or contort his flesh.

He does not have the power of an apple tree to make apples and neither does anyone else.  He can own them.

He can fence them, transport them, plant and prune them; he can bulldoze them, line them up in military formation, poison them, grind them up, bore them to death, set fire to them, graft them and use them and this is control.  He can never from the substance of his own body, make an apple as an apple tree can; this is power. ~ Judy Grahn Politics of Women’s Spirituality

NFP Is A Way To Agree Woman’s Bodies Aren’t Bad

Women are not born broken. Our bodies are burdensome in certain respects, but some burdens are worth carrying. That’s the truth about natural family planning.

The Federalist
By July 29, 2016


It’s Natural Family Planning Awareness Week. I guess that’s a good time to tell the truth about NFP.

What is NFP? The term has really become a catch-all for any form of natural fertility management. In plain language, it means that we allow healthy reproductive systems to function without impediment. Instead of altering or interrupting the body’s fertility patterns, we simply try to understand them, and make choices with the relevant facts in view. If you’re not prepared for a baby just now, avoid sex at times when it would lead to a baby.

Natural methods tend to involve a lot of charts, apps, fertility monitors, and instructional books. They don’t involve condoms, IUDs, hormonal birth control, or artificial reproductive technologies (such as artificial insemination or in-vitro fertilization). Think of it as the “organic humans” movement.

Here’s the most important truth about NFP: There is really no under-the-table secret to expose. People who ask for “the real story” are confusing NFP with Scientology. It’s not a cult. It’s just a decision some people make to allow the body to be what it naturally is, especially with respect to fertility.

Anyone can embrace a natural approach to fertility. People do it for a wide variety of reasons. No passwords, secret handshakes, or ID cards are required. Insofar as there is mystery, it is simply the mystery of the human body itself. Honest physiology is the central pillar of NFP.

On the ground, people’s experiences vary enormously. That’s to be expected, because bodies can be remarkably different, as can people’s circumstances and life goals. For some, NFP brings deep satisfaction and true bliss. For others it may bring tragedy and trauma. We’re talking about new life here, so the potential both for joy and for suffering is immense.

Female Biology Is Burdensome

If you were hoping for dirty secrets, take heart. I can let you in on a few things. Although NFP really isn’t about secrets, it does throw light on a few general truths about the world. Here’s one: Female biology is naturally burdensome. It’s not politically correct to admit this in our time, and indeed, some seem prepared to move heaven and earth to make it untrue. It’s still true.

To live as a fertile woman is to accept significant constraints on one’s personal freedom. Even the men married to us (although their responsibilities are still massive by modern standards) generally aren’t expected to accept such constant, lifestyle-invasive burdens for the sake of perpetuating humanity.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.