Study: Birth Control Linked to Low Libido

Holy Hormones Journal: At the crossroads between science and religion. Once considered a “miracle” so that women can control their fertility – it seems that targeting the brain with 04.10.16 L-is-for-Low-Libido3-207x300synthetic hormones has a myriad of side effects…including cancer. Not all women get cancer…. not all women experience low libido.

What we really want to know is what did the 25% of women who lost interest in sex have in common other than the methods of contraception? Wouldn’t you want to know if you might be in the 25 percentile? This is not what the birth control movement was originally about. It was about women controlling our bodies…. not the pharmaceutical companies. Remember there is a Pharma tie in here.*

An article came out in The Bustle this week – talking about a new method of birth control for men called Vasalgel – a gel that is injected into a guy’s vas deferens. The article was titled “This Is Why Men Want To Take Vasalgel Male Birth Control.” Kind of obvious suggestive title for a shot to the gonads (complete with humorous video clips) when it won’t be on the market for two more years… Show me a man who is going to line up for what is considered an alternative to a vasectomy. If I were a guy – I would go the for the knife instead of the needle.

But the statement I am referring in the article to is about “hormonal side effects.”

Plus, with the gel, guys won’t suffer from hormonal side effects like females do with certain birth control methods. In fact, Vasalgel could revolutionize birth control as we know it.

This is one of the primary reasons why male birth control has not made it to the market sooner. Hormone side effects. What man would want that? What society would want weeping men in the workforce? And what guy is going to buy into the medicalization of his gonads…and tromp off the to doctor’s office  to receive an injection.  What guy wants to lose control of his fertility?

So the story doesn’t end here – remember this summer when there was a push for the female Viagra – for women with low libido? Well, the movement backfired and the Sunday New York Times reported on it with this great title… (worth remembering and developed by the female authors) The Female Viagra, Undone by a Drug Maker’s Dysfunction

Who really is dysfunctional?

Study: One Quarter of Women Starting Birth Control Lose Interest in Sex Within 6 Months

By Fr. Mark Hodges, Christian Telegraph
February 27, 2016

The journal Obstetrics and Gynecology published research by the Washington University School of Medicine’s Amanda Boozalis and colleagues that sought “to examine the effect of hormonal contraception on sexual desire.”

Researchers found that almost one fourth of women starting a new contraception method reported lacking interest in sex within six months.

Boozalis and her team analyzed 1,938 participants enrolled in the Contraceptive CHOICE Project, asking them questions via telephone both at the start of the study, when they began using a new contraceptive in April 2011, and six months later in September.

Twenty-four percent noted a lack of interest in sex at six months. Of the contraception methods, over 18 percent of women starting a copper intrauterine device (and abortifacient IUD), and higher percentages of women using medroxyprogesterone, the vaginal ring, and the implant reported some degree of frigidity.

Women starting a hormonal IUD, the oral contraceptive pill, and the birth control patch did not report significant decreased interest in sex after six months.

The researchers were apparently pleased with only one fourth reporting decreased libido. “Clinicians should be reassured that most women do not experience a reduced sex drive with the use of most contraceptive methods,” the authors wrote.

The study concluded, “Future research should confirm these findings and their possible physiologic basis.” One participating researcher disclosed financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry.*

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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