Risk of Diabetes comes with Early Puberty


Holy Hormones Journal:   Science has now backed up the concerns that hormone imbalance is being passed down generation to generation. In addition, of course to estrogen mimickers in our environment – in addition to generations of synthetic hormone use.  All of these mimickers have been found in the umbilical cords of pregnant women. Hormone Continue Reading …

Estrogen Receptor Mutation Found to Delay Puberty


Holy Hormones Journal: This article is a clear indicator of the importance of the delicate, yet fundamental endocrine system. In this case, a mutation of the estrogen receptor has delayed puberty for an 18- year old girl. Certainly, a profound effect on her psyche. The article states:  “Estrogen production normally begins with the brain telling Continue Reading …

BPA Exposure in Puberty Causes Obesity in Girls


Holy Hormones Journal: Estrogen by any other name – in this case BPA – is still estrogen.  This study backs up my theory that menarche is the most fragile time of a woman’s life. Especially since, the authors did not find hormone related obesity in girls older than 12 or in boys in the same Continue Reading …

Educating African Girls About Puberty may Raise School Attendance

girls in Cameroon

A new study shows that simple, low-cost interventions can help teenage girls in Africa stay in school during their monthly periods.

Pubescent Girls Learning About Sex by Downloading Porn


Leslie Carol Botha: Girls getting messages from anywhere that ‘sex is power’ is morally wrong.  We need to be teaching our hormonal honeys that they have more value than what lies between their legs.  However, it appears that the porn industry is getting to them first. No wonder we are putting girls on synthetic hormone Continue Reading …

‘The Girl Revolution’ on Holy Hormones Honey! Monday, June 18

Listen to this audio archive program of ‘The Girl Revolution’ on Holy Hormones Honey! Monday, June 18

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Tracee Sioux

Join Leslie Carol Botha on Monday, June 11, on Holy Hormones Honey! when she interviews Tracee Sioux, author of Love Distortion – Belle, Battered Codependent & Other Love Stories and The Girl Revolution, a blog designed to help parents raise powerful daughters. The Girl Revolution’s sole mission is to revolutionize the way we think about, treat, and raise girls. The show will be audio streamed on KRFC FM – from 6 to 7 pm MST.

Tips for Knowing if Your Daughter is Ready for Tampons


When it comes to feminine hygiene supplies, there are almost as many questions as there are products! Since your daughter will use approximately 10,000 pads, tampons and/or panty liners in her lifetime, it is worth investing some time to learn more about her options.