Is Depo Linked to Hashimoto’s?

Holy Hormones Journal: A woman reached out to me on a post I have on Depo wondering if the shot could be the cause of her developing Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune conditions. I did a quick search and came up with this information.  Take it as you will. If 10,000 women reported having side effects Continue Reading …

Adolescent Girls Having the ‘Talk’ with Pediatricians at Age 9

Holy Hormones Journal: For the first time, the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) has endorsed ‘named’ birth control for adolescent girls. In 2007, all the AAP did was issue contraceptive guidelines but now they are recommending the IUD -either Mirena or Paraguard or the implant Implanon and Nexplanon. According to the AAP, doctors beginning to Continue Reading …

Who Does Birth Control – Control?

Condoms and birth control out, IUDs and hormonal implants for teen girls are in Holy Hormones Journal: It appears to me that the pharmaceutical and medical industry is paving the way for Bill Gates microchip that will be on the market in 3 years… dripping synthetic hormones into a woman’s arm for up to 16 Continue Reading …

Implanon: ‘Cool Contraceptive for Girls’ Causes Anxiety & Depression

Leslie Carol Botha: Had an email from my long-time colleague and fellow menstrual health advocate, Renate Klein from Australia the other night asking me if I heard any news about girls committing suicide while on Implanon. [Sorry Merck & Co. if this is giving Implanon and you company a bad rap – but I have Continue Reading …

Contraceptive Implants Vanish Inside Women’s Bodies

Where the global market in contraception is concerned, cost-effectiveness comes first, women’s health second. NHS guidelines repeatedly note cost effectiveness as a reason for recommending hormonal implants, injections, and intrauterine systems to women. Meanwhile, the contraceptive pill comes with a whole host of similar assorted miseries. Though for many women these can be liberating choices that unshackle pleasurable sex from reproduction, for others, dramatic side-effects make life a trial.

Hormone Imbalance – The Silent Epidemic – Women Speak Out

This is an insidious ‘War on Women’. On the one hand we have had to fight for our reproductive rights and the availability of birth control – on the other hand it is the same birth control that is slowly killing us.

Birth Control Pills Deplete Vital Nutrients

Most women are not aware that the birth control pill depletes nutrients. And if a woman is nutritionally depleted or hormone imbalanced to begin with – she will experience anxiety, and other side effects while on the pill.

The Truth About Menstruation is not about Menstrual Suppression

Modern Western women have four times as many periods over a lifetime as our hunter gatherer ancestors and triple the number for women just a hundred years ago. In other words, what seems “natural” now is very different from what our bodies have historically supported or have evolved to support.

Women Opting for Morning-After Pill In Times of Recession

Changes in contraception technology may also have had some impact. There has been a steady increase in the demand for the long-acting contraceptive device – Implanon – which is effective for three years.

Disturbing New Trend: Putting Teens on Synthetic Hormone Drips to Prevent Pregnancy

Holy Hormones Honey! Are we risking our daughter’s fertility by putting them on Implanon – a synthetic hormonal drip placed in a woman’s arm for 3 years? The trend in birth control is moving in this direction. More effective – yet a potentially dangerous synthetic birth control with unknown long-term results. Birth control is the largest uncontrolled medical experiment in history.

Under this news story is a blog post by a young woman who had to have the stick taken out and replaced. Read her ordeal. Her muscles actually grew around the Implanon stick – virtually making the device a part of her arm.