Damn Sure about Essure

Holy Hormones Journal: In this case the story tells the story. Once again – falsified clinical trial, fast track, death, damage, adverse reactions and finally a review. By the way so you know PMA is short of “Pre-Medical Approval.” And of course, once again the pharma company Bayer is not held liable for any harm Continue Reading …

2008 FDA Statement on Gardasil has Disturbing Data on New Medical Conditions

What would you think of a government document on a new drug on the market that exhibited disturbing data on the development of ‘new medical conditions’?
What if that drug was for a new experimental STD vaccine? And what if the data showed that 73.3% of girls in the clinical trials developed new medical conditions?

CBCD Warns FDA of Toxic Foreign DNA Fragments in Gardasil & MMRII

In a letter sent by the Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD), the Center urges the FDA and CDC to investigate the risk associated with foreign DNA fragments in vaccines such as Gardasil and the MMR II and set clear guidelines that will mitigate this risk.

Fragments of foreign DNA and other substances from vaccinations found in sick, disabled and dying children

This week an important paper by Leslie Carol Botha hit the Internet by storm. This revolutionary paper titled Unveiling the Culprit – Is Foreign DNA Contamination the Autistic Villain behind Biologic Vaccine Injuries?

Pharma & NIH ‘Forcibly Drugged’ Catholic Orphans with AIDS Drugs

The studies were sponsored by your tax money given to the NIH, coupled with direct funding from Pharma: Glaxo, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Genentech, Merck and others.

BCP Introvale Recalled for Packaging Flaw

[Leslie Carol Botha: Ooops! Somebody’s head is on the line for this packaging snafu. How could this get by so many professionals before it hit the market? That is what fast-tracking will do. Fast-track increasing human and production error. How many women are at risk for pregnancy or other reproductive problems because of this over site. According to Sandoz, the are not aware of reports of related adverse events. Yeah right. Even if they were reported the Pharma company would take the party line with Merck over Gardasil adverse reactions – ‘There is no causal connection between the adverse event and our product.]

Dormant HPV Infections Can Cause Disease Even Without Activating

According to the FDA, active viruses cause disease; dormant viruses do not. The Center for the Biology of Chronic Disease (CBCD), in contrast, supports an alternative view. Microcompetition explains the underlying cause of many major diseases and shows how dormant viruses actually can cause disease while still dormant.

Scientists, Officials Eye Tools Aimed at Combating Abuse of Painkillers

Misuse and abuse of prescription opioid pain medications is a serious and ongoing public health crisis, with overdoses of such drugs resulting in more than 40 deaths per day in the United States. JAMA January 04, 2012 Bridget M. Kuehn With more than 40 deaths per day in the United States resulting from an overdose Continue Reading …

Connecting the Dots: Autism Awareness

Huffington Post

April 5, 2011
by Alison Rose Levy – Health Journalist

Dr. Ricki D. Robinson, M.D. honored World Autism Awareness Day with a thoughtful blog that superbly navigates between this steadily rising health concern and a medical model that has been challenged to find either an explanation or a treatment approach.

Our health scientific research model studies one substance at a time, yet people are exposed to and retain many chemicals and other kinds of toxins. An assessment of umbilical cord blood showed that even newborns have accumulated over 150 chemical toxins in utero.

FDA Follies

Folly – noun (pl. –ies) 1. foolishness. 2. foolish act, behavior, idea, etc, 3. fanciful ornamental building created for display. – Oxford Dictionary News and Analysis Concerning Pharmaceutical Impact on Women and Girls FDA circa 21st century could be considered laughable, if one could disregard the body count. Bipartisan criticism for FDA “Imposing user fees Continue Reading …