Study: Plasma Thermogram Detects Cervical Cancer

A new test that uses heat to examine blood can be used to detect cancer, according to US scientists.

Holy Hormones Journal: New technology to detect cervical cancer is emerging.  Perhaps this means that the controversial, deadly HPV vaccines will be considered outdated. Not. Words of warning – never try a new drug – unless there is no other option – until it has been on the market for at least 5 years. The Continue Reading …

CDC Data Reveals Gardasil has NO Discernible Benefit


Holy Hormones Journal: Research analyst and writer, Heidi Stevenson has combed the latest CDC study on the HPV vaccine , Gardasil only to find the data results inconsistent based on inadequate sampling and misinterpretation of the data.  However, the CDC still touts that the vaccine has been effective in reducing HPV infections. Perhaps years ago, Continue Reading …

Gardasil for Infants & Report of Gardasil-CIN3 on National Cervical Cancer Coalition Site


Holy Hormones Journal: One of the things, I have said for years about the HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix is that the pharmaceutical companies and the government made a big mistake in this age of social media in marketing a vaccine to a demographic of teen girls with intelligent voices… (at least those who can Continue Reading …

What do Lysol and Gardasil have in Common?

lysol mirage head crop

Holy Hormones Journal: Well, I am sure that headline got your attention.  And now, you want the answer.  Well here it is.  Both Lysol and Gardasil used fear-based advertising campaigns for a new ‘cure’ to “safeguard women’s dainty feminine allure to their husbands by practicing complete feminine hygiene.”  But first – it had to be Continue Reading …

Oncology Nurse Questions HPV Vaccine Effectiveness According to NHANES Data


  Holy Hormones Journal: According to the author of this article ” in 2003-2006 (pre-vaccine era) it was estimated that 53.1 percent of sexually active girls, aged 14-19 had HPV.” Ok red flags are flying on this one. First of all does 53.1% of the population warrant a mass vaccination program – especially when it Continue Reading …

Chandler Marrs PhD: Medical Ethics Demand We Understand Gardasil Injuries and Deaths


Holy Hormones Journal – Ya gotta love a snarky, savy research journalist – who knows how to shoot from the hips. Chandler Marrs PhD not only is using science based research to demand answers from HPV vaccine injuries and deaths – but she has developed a survey for adverse injuries from the Gardasil HPV vaccine.  Continue Reading …

Vinegar not Vaccines for Cervical Cancer? Squeezing Boobs to Prevent Breast Cancer?


Holy Hormones Journal:  Either the world has gone mad – or we are finally coming to our senses.  by Leslie Carol Botha June 4, 2013 It sure has been a wild couple of weeks in the women’s world of health.  First Angelina Jolie made headline news about her having a double mastectomy to prevent breast Continue Reading …

Gardasil & Autoimmune Disorders – Hinky Surveillance?


Holy Hormones Journal! It has been another ‘hinky’ week in Gardasil land.  First of all we are seeing bills popping up in state legislatures threatening to take parental rights away for vaccination. No surprise there! The Pharmaceutical companies are the ‘last man standing.’ They are the only ones with money to spend… and spend it Continue Reading …

Marian Greene & Britt Fiste: ‘Gardasil – The Harm, Injury and Insult’ on Holy Hormones Honey! May 13

Listen to this audio archive program of Marian Greene & Britt Fiste: ‘Gardasil – The Harm, Injury and Insult’ on Holy Hormones Honey! May 13

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Monday night’s radio interview is now posted. Roxie Fiste, mother of Britt woke up on the morning after Mother’s Day to see her daughter having yet another seizure, unable to see, walk or speak.  Eventually, Britt’s vision, and speech returned in time to appear on Monday’ night’s radio show. Roxie and  Britt – shared their Continue Reading …

2008 FDA Statement on Gardasil has Disturbing Data on New Medical Conditions

Gardasil dose

What would you think of a government document on a new drug on the market that exhibited disturbing data on the development of ‘new medical conditions’?
What if that drug was for a new experimental STD vaccine? And what if the data showed that 73.3% of girls in the clinical trials developed new medical conditions?