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HPV Vaccination During Menstruation May Increase Adverse Reactions

Now hold on one hormonal minute…Vaccinating Teens During Menstrual Phase May Increase Adverse Reactions

August 15, 2008


Leslie Carol Botha

H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik

Why has there not been any mention of the potentially adverse effects of Merck’s cervical cancer vaccination, Gardasil® in relationship to the timing of the inoculation and where a young woman is in her menstrual cycle? This information is especially critical considering the vaccination is recommended for adolescent girls from the age of nine to young women up to 26-years.

Why is it that women are constantly forced into a male medical model which blatantly ignores their menstrual health and administers drugs, surgeries, and vaccinations without any regard to where they are in their hormone cycle?

This is outrageous. Even though women are asked to fill out the date of their last menstrual period (LMP) that information is used primarily to note that a woman is not pregnant. But it is much more valuable than that; the date of the LMP could actually be indicative of why that woman is in the doctor’s office to begin with.