Remembering the trauma of our grandmothers

“Eve ate the apple to regain her powers to know what she knew before she got held hostage in the wrong garden.” Source Holy Hormones Journal: Remembering is a big part of our healing… but how can we remember is our story is hidden – whitewashed from the books? Yes, this happened… and can you Continue Reading …

Autism Moms are the New Salem Witches!

Guest post by April Boden Hi there vaccination nation…  Boy.. big topic these days.. Valid argument on both sides, huh?  I mean, if you’re trying to destroy the health and lives of millions of people all over the world, then.. yeah, I suppose the pro-vaxxers have a valid argument, otherwise, they’re completely full of shit! Oh, I’m sorry, please allow Continue Reading …

India Grassroots Women’s Groups Prevent Witch Hunts

Witch hunts are common and sometimes deadly in the tea plantations of Jalpaiguri, India. But a surprising source — small groups of women who meet through a
government loan program — has achieved some success in preventing the longstanding practice, a Michigan State University sociologist found.