Body’s Circadian Rhythm Affects Infections,and Autoimmune Disorders

Holy Hormones Journal:  Endocrine health – actually neuro-endocrine-immune health is crucial to body functioning. Those three systems are governed by hormones that carry chemical messages based on circadian rhythms.  If women’s physiology was included in the health care model this would be have known years ago.  They should have asked/included women?  We would be able Continue Reading …

Understanding the Moon, Your Mood and Your Health

Holy Hormones Journal:   And there you have it.  Science is finally beginning to realize just how much influence the moon has on our moods, our sleep patterns and our lives. And there is so much more to know.  They are calling this a ‘circlunar’ clock.  That is a great start – but one day, some Continue Reading …

Depression Linked to Cellular Endocrine Clock in Broken Brains

Holy Hormones Journal – The NEI Supersystem – the neurological – endocrine and immune system is crucial to women’s health and well-being.  It is the Holy Grail. Women’s hormonal menstrual and fertility cycles are evidence of this synchrony.  Disrupting the circadian endocrine rhythm is really what is killing us. Our bodies are geared to adapt Continue Reading …

Tick Tock, Tick Tock – Internal Clock becomes a Time Bomb for Obesity & Diabetes

New research published in The FASEB Journal used mice to show that proper sleep patterns are critical for healthy metabolic function, and even mild impairment in our circadian rhythms can lead to serious health consequences, including diabetes and obesity.

Dr. Virginia Gurley: Circadian Rhythm Synchrony & Wellness on Holy Hormones Honey! December 17

Join Leslie Carol Botha, and guest Virginia Gurley, MD, MPH, founder and president of the AuraViva Clinic in Boulder, CO on Holy Hormones Honey! Monday December 17, 2012. on KRFC FM. Dr. Gurley will be addressing the importance of circadian rhythms for optimum health and wellness – including hormone balancing.

2001 Study: Circadian Rhythm CHAOS as Biomarker for Breast Cancer

This paper reviews the evidence for a connection between disturbances of circadian rhythms and breast cancer. Furthermore, a scheme is proposed in which circadian rhythm “chaos” is taken as a signal of high risk for breast cancer even in the absence of mammographic evidence of neoplasm or a palpable tumor.

Circadian Disruption & Inflammatory Disease Link Discovered

Scientists have known for some time that throwing off the body’s circadian rhythm can negatively affect body chemistry. In fact, workers whose sleep-wake cycles are disrupted by night shifts are more susceptible to chronic inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, obesity and cancer.

TRUETYME; The Clock App Every Woman Needs To Restore And Maintain Her Inner Harmony

TrueTyme allows users to see at a glance both the sun and the moon above or below the horizon during corresponding periods of day and night is a modern time piece embracing the primordial knowledge modern society has forgotten.

At Last: A Unique TrueTyme Android Body Clock App, Widget to Track Natural Time

As a woman’s circadian rhythm affects her menstrual cycle and her menstrual cycle affects her circadian rhythm, the unique TrueTyme Android body clock app, widget and live wallpaper uses patented “sun both above and below the horizon” symbols (optionally, “moon above and below” ones too) that tell a user’s mind and brain where she, or he, is in two kinds of natural time.

Brave New World: Is Your Success Tied to a Drug?

Leslie Carol Botha: Well, this drug will mess up every circadian rhythm in your body. A drug to be successful? Really? What are the long term effects? How many people’s hearts will give out? And how many women will need a hysterectomy? At what cost success?