‘Pink Viagra’ Debate Sexist?

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Holy Hormones Journal: A heated debate is going on between watch dogs over Pharma subversive antics to pressure the FDA to approve what could be a ‘blockbuster drug’ for the questionable statistic that 43% of women suffer from a ‘sexual dysfunction’. New View campaign watchdogs are concerned about this blatant misuse of a statistic that Continue Reading …

Breast Cancer & Automimmune Disorders Linked to Aluminum Poisoning

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Holy Hormones Journal: Holy Hormones Honey! I remember when we first started talking about aluminum in anti-antiperspirants and the link to breast cancer – so many ‘professionals’ shut down the conversation.  That was 20 years ago. And look where we are today. Poisoned. It is so crucial to be detoxing heavy metals out of our Continue Reading …

Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya – Hormone Foibles and Follies on Nov 12

Listen to this audio archive program of Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya – Hormone Foibles and Follies on Nov 12

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My ‘FAV’ endocrinologist, Dr. Margarita Ochoa-Maya shared vital information on ‘body environmentalism’ on Wednesday’s radio show. We discussed basic -vital and sacred endocrine system functioning. We also discussed those important pesky chemical messengers in our bodies called ‘hormones’ and most importantly what causes hormone imbalance and why. Dr. Ochoa-Maya shared the common – and epidemic Continue Reading …

Drugs for Sex – Its All in the Marketing


Holy Hormones Journal: Do women really need a drug for sex? Maybe what they need is some time-out: help around the house, help with the kids, some romance , a budget for new  and sexy clothes; respect at work; equal pay; extended maternal leave (without fear of losing a job), children who are not sick Continue Reading …

Controversy over first-ever drug to treat common form of women’s sexual dysfunction

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Holy Hormones Honey:  While many of us have been focusing on vaccines, Ebola, Enterovirus 68 there is another camp that is vocally protesting the use of a ‘thrice-failed’ antidepressant to win approval by the government to pass as the ‘first-ever drug to treat sexual dysfunction in women’. Author Ray Moynihan is questioning a campaign to get Continue Reading …

Is PMS a ‘Disease’ or Market Share?


“A woman’s body is the battlefield where she fights for liberation. It is through her body that oppression works, reifying her, sexualizing her, victimizing her, disabling her.” ~Germaine Greer The Whole Woman, 1999 Holy Hormones Journal: Well, Holy Hormones Honey! You learn the most interesting things when perusing the business section of online journals. I Continue Reading …

Where the Hell is my Vagina?


Holy Hormones Journal: No, I did not lose my vagina – but the article below, written by another woman I would have coffee with is about a UK study where only 1/2 of the women ages 26 to 35 were able to locate and label the organs and tissues in the reproductive system. That’s what Continue Reading …

Autoimmunity, Nervous Disorders and Gardasil

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Holy Hormones Journal: Hear this well – #hearthiswell – There are three main systems in the body – Neurological, Endocrine and Immune; also known as the NEI Super System. When one of these systems is damaged due to toxins and heavy metals crossing the blood brain barrier – the other two are damaged as well. Continue Reading …

Are Mammograms a Form of Violence Against Women?

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Holy Hormones Journal: Someone seems to thinks so – and for once it’s not just me…. Phew. I like what the author Ms. Barbara Minton has to say: “But the instincts of women have long been devalued, and most just assume they are being silly.” I would have coffee with this woman any day of Continue Reading …

Has the Abortion Lobby Nudged America Past Row V. Wade?

Roe V. Wade

What, exactly, was Wendy protesting against? The Texas legislature was following the recommendations in the Gossnell Grand Jury Report to prevent any further deaths, maimings, and infections from unsafe, unregulated clinics. SB 5 was in complete alignment with Roe v. Wade. What Wendy Davis and the abortion lobby are demanding actually goes against the concerns and constraints expressed by the Supreme Court.