Are Mammograms a Form of Violence Against Women?

Holy Hormones Journal: Someone seems to thinks so – and for once it’s not just me…. Phew. I like what the author Ms. Barbara Minton has to say: “But the instincts of women have long been devalued, and most just assume they are being silly.” I would have coffee with this woman any day of Continue Reading …

Double Mastectomies – Another Medical Experiment?

Holy Hormones Journal:  Thank you Angelina Joile for leading the double mastectomy crusade. I stated this when Angelina went public with her mastectomy crusade and I will say it again here – the pharmaceutical/medical complex got to the most beautiful and powerful sex image in the world – convincing her to take off her breasts. Continue Reading …

Messy Mammographys – 50 Years Later

Holy Hormones Journal: 50 years analysis on a procedure the all women have endured over their life time and know the ‘evidence’ is showing that the harms from mammography are underestimated?  Read the numbers below… “The authors report that the best estimate of the reduction in mortality from breast cancer due to annual screening for Continue Reading …

Study: Mammograms Do Not Decrease Mortality but Increase Over-Diagnosis

Holy Hormones Journal: According to the American Cancer Society in 2014,  more than 230,000 American women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. 40,000 will die from the disease. Most of these women will follow their doctor’s recommendation and get a mammogram.  And many will get even more than one. According to the study cited below, Continue Reading …

Study: 1.3 million women over age 40 over diagnosed with breast cancer in 3 decades

The investigators interpret the data to suggest that there is substantial over diagnosis, accounting for nearly a third of all newly diagnosed breast cancers, and that screening is having, at best, only a small effect on the rate of death from breast cancer.

Breast screening should be scrapped

The Guardian

Evidence points to the fact that cancer mortality rates are dropping due to improved treatment, not mammograms

Michael Baum, Tuesday 2 August 2011 12.07 BST

A paper published in the current issue of the British Medical Journal is yet another inconvenient truth that demands a complete and unbiased re-evaluation of our national breast screening programme (NHSBSP). The paper, based on the World Health Organisation (WHO) database, set out to demonstrate that the introduction of screening by mammography in some countries in Europe was associated with a steeper fall in mortality from breast cancer than in neighbouring countries that had delayed offering this service.

Mammogram Sensitivity Varies by Week of Menstrual Cycle

Doctors Lounge

Last Updated: February 16, 2011

Premenopausal women who schedule regular mammograms may benefit by undergoing screening during the first week of their menstrual cycle, according to research published in the February issue of Radiology.

HRT Can Lead to Abnormal Mammograms, Biopsies…

…and may limit effectiveness of these breast cancer detection methods Women who take combined hormone therapy for about five years have a higher risk of abnormal mammograms and breast biopsies. This, in turn, may decrease the effectiveness of these methods of detecting breast cancer, according to a new study published in the Feb. 25 issue Continue Reading …