Are Gender-Bending Chemicals Causing Gender-Bending Confusion?

Holy Hormones Journal: This is a tough post to write… and at the same time it is probably one of the most important posts I have ever written.  I have had articles saved for weeks on this… but could not seem to muster the writing needed to make you all aware that we are living Continue Reading …

Hormone Imbalance – The Silent Epidemic

Hormone Imbalance is a 20th century man-made imbalance – and it is increasing in severity as the environment becomes more toxic and the pure nutritional levels in our food sources become more depleted. More and more women and men are experiencing hormone imbalance under the guise of so many other presenting pathologies:

Adrenal Fatigue Anxiety is Hormone & Neurotransmitter Imbalance

In most cases, adrenal fatigue is associated with intense or prolonged stress. It may arise from a chronic infection or be the result of a workaholic lifestyle combined with insufficient rest.

Bipolar Disorder – Are Hormone Imbalance and Nutrient Depletion the Culprits?

Autumn Stringam from Coaldale, Alberta healed her bipolar disorder with the Truehope supplements when her antidepressants and other medications failed her. She went on to author the book “A Promise of Hope” that details her life with Bipolar Disorder, the suicide of her mother and grandfather and how she was eventually healed.

Hormone Imbalance – The Silent Epidemic – Women Speak Out

This is an insidious ‘War on Women’. On the one hand we have had to fight for our reproductive rights and the availability of birth control – on the other hand it is the same birth control that is slowly killing us.

Birth Control Pills Deplete Vital Nutrients

Most women are not aware that the birth control pill depletes nutrients. And if a woman is nutritionally depleted or hormone imbalanced to begin with – she will experience anxiety, and other side effects while on the pill.