Menstrual Health Education

The Holy Hormones Menstrual Health Education Series is designed to help you tap into the magnificent intelligence of your body and interpret its profound language to finally understand your mind, mood and hormone cycle. Our publications, address the very essence of a woman’s being; the fundamental nature of the female hormone cycle. Using the tools and information provided in our publications, women can learn to perceive symptoms as biometric feedback from our bodies about our diet, lifestyle and the state of our mental, emotional, and spiritual self. These symptoms are the “tell” for conditions such as: hormone imbalances, depression, mental confusion, exhaustion, autoimmune disorders, allergies, and reproductive disorders. It is our goal to open your eyes to the real you — a woman who can trust herself, has confidence in her actions, understands her feelings and knows how to create a fulfilling life by living within her hormone cycle.

The Holy Hormones Honey! Personal Cycle Journal and Charting SystemTM (available for free download on this site), provides the tools needed to apply this information to your personal and professional life. More importantly, perhaps for the first time in your life, you will feel like you can reach your full potential by acknowledging your strength and who you truly are.