Karen Henninger: I Am Not a Hole

Holy Hormones Journal:  Karen makes this poignant statement that I resonate with ” Knowing women’s history is essential to understanding women’s sexuality today.” Women need to understand their past – the history of fem care, of birth control, of violence against women to understand how and why products  are marketed to women today.  These her-storical events that began at the time of Aristotle and even before defined  ‘the ovaries as an organ of crisis’. Because of this erroneous and damaging philosophy the concept of ‘femaleness’ has been and is still equated today to a mental illness that requires constant management.

The old ideas are so deeply embedded in the mindset, practice and circumstance of a particular male view (mistakenly presented as  the universal right one) that this view perceives a woman only through the limited perspective of the user of a woman’s body for selfish purposes. ~ Karen Henninger

By Karen Henninger
October 25, 2013
Re-posted with permission and gratitude

This article is only the beginning paragraphs of a much larger essay.

I am not the hole. The hole is what is outside of me. The conception that was given to me from birth was that I was the hole and can only be OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAperceived as if I am empty space. Empty Space as I am therefore nothing. I do not exist. If I am the hole, than I am nothing. The empty space. No material substance. Nothing of me exists that comes in contact with the world in this perception, circumstance and space.

False order of mind; disconnection exists which results in my lack of power within myself and my sexuality.  Replaced instead with a space valued only as a place in waiting to be penetrated; occupied  – to be used. Yet I am never occupied. The space is. I am never penetrated. The empty space  is. Understand there is a space between two human beings always but that is denied here. I am a human being; not a hole. The hole, from my view, is not inside me, it is outside me if I count me as all my material substance. The hole is more properly defined as air; empty space. And this empty space is only in existence when I am in a certain position. That is, when I open myself up to allow it to exist inside me. I am NEVER it.

To understand that I am not the hole, but the hole is OUTSIDE of me is profound.

They told me the hole is inside me. It is a part of me, they said.

Is my mouth perceived as a lifeless hole to be filled with food  or used for things outside me? For no purpose of my own body functioning?  Is my anus perceived that way? No, it is not. How could I spend a lifetime with this perception of my other body opening?  I am not the hole in my mouth anymore than I am the hole in my vagina. I am not the hole in my anus either.  Even that phrase, hole,  is a misnomer. The vagina is not the hole. The term itself is so obviously  full of disrespect and creates an aura of dealing with something non-human.

There is no hole when my mouth is closed. There is no hole when my vagina is in it’s natural state.

There is no question when we talk of my mouth that the space is occupied by me. It opens for me and is for me. This physically is the same for my vagina yet there is  no social consciousness of this. I was not given this accurate information about my vagina. I was told that the hole was for him; for intercourse.  My understanding of sex and all the information I have ever been given has been based in the foundation of what is outside of me. Nothing is known of me; the mouth known as vagina… and it’s purposes for my functioning (beyond purpose for a baby or man).  To follow the mouth analogy and comparison further, it  is  as if we live in a world where all that is known and ever spoken is about the food and the food’s activity in my mouth as if the mouth itself has no active principle, purpose or existence – and there is nothing to discuss of my material organs surrounding the hole. This activity could exist but lies dormant in the lack of consciousness and knowledge and subsequent inaction about  me and my body.

My whole self concept changes when I understand I am not the hole. I am not the empty space. I am the skin, the material that surrounds and touches the empty space. I am something and that something is not just inert, inactive material surrounding an empty space waiting to be acted upon by other substances, other organs, other processes. In fact, the space is not empty, but is mostly occupied by me most of the time.

Therefore, the rape of me as well as the act of intercourse is not just a man entering me and violating my empty space; penetrating my empty space;  using and occupying my empty space uninvited or happily invited. Like forcing food in my mouth;  rape chokes me. Intercourse as commonly known and practiced is a violation of my body’s natural functions; natural sexual functions.

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Karen Henninger: I Am Not a Hole

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