The Wisdom in Connecting to the Moon

Holy Hormones Journal: Dana Gillespie, the author of this article is a Sister/colleague of mine. She is the creator of the Moontime App that is to your right on my blog. I love this sentence in the ad for the app – “Life Might Be One Big Mystery – But Your Cycles Don’t Have To Be…” Many moons ago, women were the keepers of the mysteries of life – because they understood the power of living with cycles.  Think about it – ever since the burning times – we have been suppressed one way or another… there must be some reason for that. Aaah yes, the health, power and potential of living with the cycles of the moon and the cycles of menstruation.

My story started with the moon at an early age and I have been on this path in one way or another to this present day. You didn’t think I was going to tell you 03.05.15 moonrise over lake michiganmy age did you? (Hint: it is on my Facebook page)

Sometime around the age of 10 or 11, I was a young Girl Scout – and went away to camp in the mountains of upstate New York. This was the first time away from home for me, and I fell into a deep depression on the first night because I missed my mother. I wandered away from camp because I could not hold back my tears any longer and climbed down a hill and sat by the side of a pond. My knees were under my chin and my arms wrapped around them as I finally let go of the tears of loneliness I felt without my Mom. As soon as I finished sobbing, I became quiet, breathing heavily – trying to compose myself. In that moment I heard a voice in my head… loud as day “I am your Mother.” I looked up in surprise and there right in front of me high in the sky was the full moon in all its glory. Her rays cascading to earth and dancing across the water to where I sat.  And I knew in that moment, who my eternal mother was. Powerful. Peaceful.  And I slowly made my way back to camp… able to enjoy the rest of the night and the weekend.

You think that story is a little odd? I got one better… my first job as a teen was working on the line in the pharmaceutical packaging plant where my father was a sales rep. And what did we package that summer? The birth control pill. Truth.

Oh, yes, the mysteries of life…

Re-Connecting to the Moon

My Moontime Blog
Dana Gillespie
February 05, 2015

03.06.15 beach_moonlightMore and more people are returning to the wisdom of living in flow with Nature. May it be the signs of global warming seen around the world, the rise in illnesses reported in the media, or the onslaught of childhood obesity, but change is definitely in the air. Many of us now want to live a healthier life in greater balance with our own selves and our natural environment. How we have been living isn’t working well enough. And when we turn back to Nature – we find we are also turning back to the moon.

In our present day circumstance of instant global communication, people are increasingly interested in tapping into their own energy potential to help propel them through life, rather than getting pummeled by it. Just as many turn to trends like BulletProof Coffee and CrossFit to help kickstart their health, energy, and overall well-being – the same results are coming about for individuals who are tapping into the cycles of the moon as another, different access point for living their best life.

After all, as Jeffrey Kluger, senior editor of TIME magazine’s science and technology section wrote in ‘How the Moon Messes With Your Sleep,’ “We are all, quite Farming_fishing_fornicatingliterally, lunatics.”

The moon’s energy has much affect on our life here on earth. We are just recently beginning to socially accept and pay attention to how it can help improve our lives. We have been farming, fishing, and fornicating by the moon throughout time. Utilizing the phases for our own personal fruition is nothing new.

We only have to look to the continued popularity of watching and celebrating the full moon, super moons, and eclipses to see the place the moon might hold. Full moon parties are enjoyed on exotic beaches in Thailand and it’s hard to miss on social media any full moon’s passing these days. Aside from the full moon’s beauty, this phase is also known for its seeming intensified emotional effects on us.

Huffington Post reporter Ileana Llorens wrote in the article ‘Full Moon Leads To More Babies? Hospital’s Possible Explanation For Weekend Baby Boom In Sacramento‘ that “The anecdote of the lunar effect is a longstanding one, and some medical professionals won’t deny that things get pretty hectic when the full moon is out.”

The once woo-woo topic of how the moon impacts humans is returning to mainstream conversation.

Females have always recognized on some level their inherent connection to the moon as the menstrual cycle most often matches that of the moon cycle. A common term used by tribes to describe a female’s fertility cycle is her “moontime.” Before the invention of electricity females likely ovulated and menstruated at the same time and in time with the moon.

Francesca Naish, author, public speaker and fertility specialist, outlines a great deal of the scientific effects the moon on our bodies in her book ‘ Natural Fertility‘. One of the most notable, and well-known, effects is the moon’s gravitational pull of the ocean tides, which can also be seen to impact plants and animals.

The light of the moon affects the body’s endocrine system. Our Pineal gland (also known as the 3rd eye in some cultures) absorbs light as a nutrient via the optic nerve for use by the endocrine system, which in turn regulates our hormones and as such our association and interaction with all that is external. The moon also influences atmospheric ionization (the electrical charging of atoms), which has been found to have an affect on our mental and physical health. The earth’s magnetic field changes slightly with the positions of the sun and the moon, and the electrical potential of living organisms increases at new and full moons.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.

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