Safety For Sale…It Is Time To Demand Accountability From the FDA, and BIG PHARMA

Its time to look at the faces of lives lost…

In the early 1990s, faced with protests by AIDS activists about the glacier-like approval of potential life saving drugs, the Clinton administration changed the FDA drug approval process. They allowed pharmaceutical companies to “fast track life-saving” drugs by absorbing the extra costs involved. The unintended consequence of this humanitarian intention became “Safety for Sale”. The number of product recalls in the past 15-years is enough to turn the most trusting advocate of governmental infallibility into a stone, cold, cynic.

Successive administrations have unsuccessfully struggled with more than one “Drug-War”. If the American public were truly aware of the actual body count that has resulted from BIG PHARMA’s policy of ‘profit over accountability’, they would be marching in the streets. Maybe the people who demanded the networks show the flag draped coffins of fallen soldiers, so the public would become more aware of the very human cost of war, had the right idea.

The young people who have lost their lives to unsafe, questionably tested, and hastily approved drugs, died without the notice of the national media…one heart-wrenching loss at a time. The bereaved families stand alone at the gravesite; go back to an empty house, and sit in the silence of dreams forever unlived.  Since the beginning of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, America has lost more young men and women to fatal adverse medical events than to enemy hostilities.

Maybe the Gardasil® mothers, and the parents of the teens on antidepressants who committed suicide or the parents of kids who were killed by other kids in the grip of drug-induced paranoia, could stand together with the pictures of the children they have lost. It is time to make the country aware of how the ‘profit before safety’ paradigm of BIG PHARMA and its unholy alliance with our erstwhile, ineffective, protector, the FDA, is costing lives and ripping the fabric of the families left behind to grieve and wonder why and what could have been.

Independent journalist, Cynthia Janak, has made a start. She has developed a web site memorial to those young women and girls who have lost their lives to Gardasil®. The site also features stories of the young women who survived, forever changed, by an adverse reaction to the Gardasil® vaccine. Cynthia is taking action. She is giving a voice to the women, who have been beneath the notice of the national media. Cynthia has chosen to stand up, speak out and be a witness.

In the bastions of big money and BIG PHARMA, I’m sure Cynthia is considered a very INCONVENIENT WOMAN indeed.
Please visit and Remember The Names and The Faces of the girls who died for greed and Gardasil®.


Author: H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik

I started the Inconvenient Woman Blog in 2007, and am the product of a long line of inconvenient women. The matriarchal line is French-Canadian, Roman Catholic, with a very feisty Irish great-grandmother thrown in for sheer bloody mindedness. I am a research analyst and author who has made her living studying technical data, and developing articles, training materials, books and web content. Tracking through statistical data, and oblique cross-references to find the relevant connections that identifies a problem, or explains a path of action, is my passion. I love clearly delineating the magic questions of knowledge: Who, What, Why, When, Where and for How Much, Paid to Whom. My life lessons: listen carefully, question with boldness, and personally verify the answers. I look at America through the appreciative eyes of an immigrant, and an amateur historian; the popular and political culture is a ceaseless fascination. I have no impressive initials after my name. I’m merely an observer and a chronicler, an inconvenient woman who asks questions, and sometimes encourages others to look at things differently.