Women in Government Cervical Cancer Report

I found this report whilst researching actual number of cervical cancer cases reported in the US. My thought process was pretty straight-forward. We, as a country, are about to transfer Billions of dollars from public (Medicaid) and private (health insurance) hands to BIG PHARMA. Shouldn’t we ask the forbidden question at least once? Is it possible to develop a ‘simple metric’…like PROFIT PER FATALITY? In a time of diminishing public health resources and increased public health need, should we not look at allocation of health dollars using a needs / benefit ratio. Access to a simple PAP test and aggressive remediation if cancer cells are found, makes more sense than mass immunization. The cervical cancer numbers have been falling steadily with increased access to PAP testing. Cervical cancer responds quickly to treatment. So why are we exposing our girls and women to a potential dangerous and sometimes fatal array of side effects? Why are we mandating the HPV vaccination, Garasil®?


Women in Government Cervical Cancer Report 0307


Author: H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik

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