Cervical Cancer Vaccine Injured in Japan Step Up Efforts to End Subsidized Shots

Holy Hormones Journal: Front page news in the Japanese Times.  I say Merck & GSK are taking a hit and the CDC and the FDA a slap in the face. Games up.  All we need is one government to listen to the concerns of the HPV vaccine injured and the rest will fall like dominoes.

How embarrassing, really. The US refusing to listen to the over 30,000 plus girls, boys, women and men who have reported adverse reactions to Gardasil and Cervarix. There are hundreds of social media groups speaking out about HPV vaccine injuries (Ashley just put her FB page up after closing her account last year.)

In Japan there are 8 girls speaking out and their government is listening.

In the US – the Gardasil and Cervarix injured are told ‘it is all in their head.’ In Japan – the government is shaking their head.

Victims hit cervical cancer vaccines

Paralyzed teens, parents demand subsidized shots be eradicated

Japanese Times

The Japan Times  – News
August 24, 2013

Teenagers injured or disabled by cervical cancer vaccines are stepping up efforts to permanently end the government’s subsidy program for injections of Cervarix and Gardasil.

On Friday, eight teens, accompanied by their parents, called out health minister Norihisa Tamura over the issue. The schoolgirls, aged from 14 to 18 — including four in wheelchairs — and their parents are members of the Nationwide Liaison Association of Cervical Cancer Vaccine Victims and Parents.

Tamura was handed five petitions in a meeting with the group at the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, association chief Mika Matsufuji said afterward. The request to abolish the vaccination program topped the list.

The other petitions included one asking for stronger government efforts to identify the cause of the side effects and to find therapeutic remedies. The side effects range from convulsions and seizures to severe headaches and even partial paralysis.

In April, the Diet revised the Preventive Vaccination Law so that girls aged 14 to 18 could get the cervical vaccine shots for free.

But an advisory panel to the health ministry later urged that the government stop recommending vaccinations for cervical cancer after concluding the reported symptoms were likely being caused by the vaccines.

The ministry reportedly complied on June 15 by telling local governments to stop recommending that girls 12 to 16 get vaccinated with Cervarix or Gardasil in light of reports about chronically adverse reactions. The local governments, acting on behalf of the central government, had been telling teens to get the shots.

At Friday’s meeting with Tamura, the schoolgirls, parents and the association asked the government to revise the vaccination law again to officially remove cervical cancer vaccines from the list of those subsidized by the central government.


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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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