Thinking Mom’s & Daughter’s on Gardasil

Holy Hormones Journal:

Ya gotta love thinking moms – especially those who want to start a revolution!  And to think they have been listed in UNICEF’s anti-vaccine influencers report.  Hats off Maam! Be that as it may – ‘The Professor’ who wrote this well-detailed article, – shares excellent information on the concerns about the HPV vaccines.  But the most important statements are in the second paragraph.

“But the truth is that none of us started out “anti-vaccination.”  We got there after a lot of investigation. “

And there you have it. Thinking Mom’s and research – what a scary combo for a medical/pharmaceutical complex who is used to preying off of non-thinking Mom’s – who never questioned or researched anything.  How can anyone be ‘anti-vaccine’ unless they have either researched the issue – or suffered from a vaccine injury.  It’s not like you wake up one morning and with a fresh cup of java in your hand, say “Hmmmm, I think I will be an anti-vacciner this week.”

Thinking Mom’s.  It is time for the rest of women to get off their synthetic hormones, and the psych drugs and start waking up.  What we need is a revolution. It is time we collectively said ‘no more’.  Ted Turner, the founder of CNN and the ex-husband of  feminist Jane Fonda got it right two weeks ago when he spoke at the Women’s Earth and Climate Summit in New York City stating that that men should be barred from political office for 100 years.

Of course the media is slamming him for this one – but really it would take at least 100 years for women to heal the trauma and damage that the patriarchy has committed on women, children and the Earth.

I have also included a video of Britt Fiste who has suffered a severe Gardasil injury. She has become quite the spokeswoman on the issue.  Britt is pleading for more independent research on the vaccine before more girl’s get injured.  She states – ‘I am not a coincidence – I am a human being.’

It appears there is now a revolution amongst thinking girls as well.

The Evidence on Gardasil: Modern Miracle or Dangerous Scam?

Posted on September 26, 2013
by Thinking Moms’ Revolution

gardisil-shot-300x180If you’ve been following us for any length of time, you’ve probably noticed that we frequently point out the dangers of vaccination, because every single one of us knows countless children (and adults) that were injured by vaccines, some of them permanently.  In fact, we cover this subject so often that we are listed (page 39) in UNICEF’s report on “anti-vaccination influencers” in Eastern Europe. Can I get a “Huzzah!”?  Eastern Europe!  Who knew we even had readers in Eastern Europe, much less that we were influencing them?

But the truth is that none of us started out “anti-vaccination.”  We got there after a lot of investigation.  And one thing we noticed toward the beginning of our investigations is that all vaccines are not created equal.  All vaccines have risks – they’re not classified by the federal government as “unavoidably unsafe” for nothing.  So it stands to reason that the more vaccines you receive, the greater your risk of injury.  If you are not yet like us — pretty well convinced that you will never let anyone come near you or your child with a vaccine-filled syringe again in your lifetime — it is probably at least intuitively obvious that for optimum health you should want to keep your overall vaccine load as low as possible, however you would define that for yourself.





Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.