One More Girl Documents Social Politics of How Women are Viewed by the Pharma/Medical Complex




By Leslie Carol Botha
Vice President of Public Relations, SANE Vax, Inc.
Media Relations, One More Girl

January 13, 2011

Pharmaceutical marketing campaign promises of ‘One Less Girl’ at risk for cervical cancer, and ‘Armed for Life’ have turned into a global travesty as each day One More Girl suffers an adverse reaction and/or death after taking Gardasil or Cervarix.

One More Girl is a documentary filled with stories of anguish and travesty, futures destroyed, and families reduced to financial ruin by medical costs. Their stories are backed up with research and data from global activists, attorneys, medical experts and journalists.

Production begins in summer of 2011 with a tentative 2012 launch date. All of those involved in the One More Girl documentary are dedicated to preventing this kind of global medical atrocity from ever happening again.

HPV Vaccine Facts

In 2006, the HPV vaccine Gardasil was introduced to a public generally unaware of Human Papillomavirus or its supposed threat to adolescent girls and women.  However, the public was quickly informed of the ‘dangers’ of the virus when Merck Pharmaceutical Company launched an aggressive “One Less Girl to get Cervical Cancer” advertising campaign – with an awarding-winning jingle that had adolescent girls dancing in their living rooms – determined to become one less victim of cervical cancer.

According to Neon Tommy, the campaign was successful. Merck’s marketing techniques earned Gardasil a “pharmaceutical brand of the year” award from Pharmaceutical Executive for its ‘savvy disease education,’ and creating ‘a market out of thin air.” 1.

Even though most HPV infections clear on their own, invasive cervical cancer deaths affect 2.7 women per 100,000, and the American Cancer Society lists cervical cancer as the 12th ranking cancer in the United States, parents lined up to get their daughters protected and doctors were ready with needles in hand.

The Gardasil vaccine campaign on unsuspecting and ill-informed medical consumers must be halted until an independent study demonstrates the safety and efficacy of the vaccine. As it stands, this is a classic case of pharma/government vs. medical consumers with monumental social/political implications. The HPV vaccine travesty will go down in history as an example of unethical experimental medical procedures harming the health and well being of the very people the vaccines were supposedly designed to protect.

According to the recently revised copy of “Cervical Cancer Prevention, Health Professional Version,” published by the National Cancer Institute (NCI):  “The finding of HPV viral DNA integrated in most cellular genomes of cervical carcinomas supports epidemiologic data linking this agent to cervical cancer however, direct causation has not been demonstrated.” 2.

The FDA admits there are limitations on the use and effectiveness of Gardasil:

•   GARDASIL does not eliminate the necessity for women to continue to undergo recommended cervical cancer screening.
•   GARDASIL has not been demonstrated to provide protection against disease from vaccine and non-vaccine HPV types to which a person has previously been exposed through sexual activity.
•   GARDASIL is not intended to be used for treatment of active external genital lesions; cervical, vulvar, and vaginal cancers; CIN; VIN; or VaIN.
•   GARDASIL has not been demonstrated to protect against diseases due to HPV types not contained in the vaccine.
•   Not all vulvar and vaginal cancers are caused by HPV, and GARDASIL protects only against those vulvar and vaginal cancers caused by HPV 16 and 18.
•   GARDASIL does not protect against genital diseases not caused by HPV.
•   Vaccination with GARDASIL may not result in protection in all vaccine recipients.

Merck’s clinical trial data on Gardasil showed that 73.3% of girls who received the vaccination developed ‘new medical conditions.’3. This is a disturbingly high percentage and unacceptable by any terms.  Another FDA agency, Vaccines Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC)  documented that if girls were already exposed to HPV and were vaccinated with Gardasil their chances of getting cervical cancer increased 42.6% with Gardasil and 32.5% with Cervarix. 4.

How Women are Viewed by the Pharma/Medical Complex

In order to understand why this latest uncontrolled medical experiment has been conducted on adolescent girls, and now boys ages 9 to 26, it is important to understand the social/political context of how women are perceived by the medical industry.

In their recently updated book, For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of the Experts Advice to Women by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deidre English expose the reasons for medical experiments on women.

“Since the nineteenth century, “experts” have been telling women how to take care of themselves. Generations of highly respected mainstream physicians have proclaimed most aspects of women’s lives an indication of weakness, from menstruation (illness requiring seclusion) to pregnancy (a disabling disease), to reading or intense conversation (a hazard to women’s health). Even domesticity, the prescription for a safe environment for women, became a domain for legions of “scientific” experts…. Yet experts continue to use pseudo-science to tell women how to live.

Ehrenreich and English write in the book’s introduction:

No matter how many degrees the experts dangle in front of you, no matter how many studies they cite, dig deeper, value your own real-life experiences, and think for yourself.5.

In Marilyn French’s book titled: From Eve to Dawn, A History of Women, feminist author, Margaret Atwood wrote the foreword stating: “This brilliant and well-written women’s history classic exposes the myths told to women in the name of science.

A great deal has been written about the ‘natural’ inferiority of women, much of it by philosophers and religion makers whose ideas underpin Western society.  Much of this thinking was grounded in what French calls, with wondrous understatement, “men’s” insistent concern with female reproduction.” 6.

Medical experiments on women, children and indigents have been conducted for hundreds of years. Mike Adams wrote this scathing article in Natural News in 2007, Vaccines and Medical Experiments on Children, Minorities, Woman and Inmates (1845 – 2007). Most women are not even aware of how the medical field gynecology was even started.

(1845 – 1849) J. Marion Sims, later hailed as the “father of gynecology,” performs medical experiments on enslaved African women without anesthesia. These women would usually die of infection soon after surgery. Based on his belief that the movement of newborns’ skull bones during protracted births causes trismus, he also uses a shoemaker’s awl, a pointed tool shoemakers use to make holes in leather, to practice moving the skull bones of babies born to enslaved mothers (Brinker).

Adams also cited that in 1942, Merck Pharmaceuticals President George Merck was named director of the War Research Service (WRS), an agency designed to oversee the establishment of a biological warfare program (Goliszek).7.

Pharma Tries to Make Bank off of Women’s Sexual Fears

In an interview titled:  ‘Pharma Tries to Make Bank off of Women’s Sexual Fears’ Ray Monihan co-author of the recently released book, Sex, Lies, and Pharmaceuticals states:

While you can certainly understand the medical desirability of treating a condition before it surfaces, the danger is that with a medical system so dominated by the pharmaceutical industry, everyone will be a patient…While most countries don’t allow U.S. style direct-to-consumer advertising, they do allow “disease awareness” advertising which is often just this kind of fear marketing.8.

In the January 2011, issue of Vanity Fair, Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele wrote an article titled ‘Deadly Medicine’, explaining the globalization of pharmaceutical industry:

Prescription drugs kill some 200,000 Americans every year. Will that number go up, now that most clinical trials are conducted overseas—on sick Russians, homeless Poles, and slum-dwelling Chinese—in places where regulation is virtually nonexistent, the FDA doesn’t reach, and “mistakes” can end up in pauper’s graves? The authors investigate the globalization of the pharmaceutical industry, and the U.S. Government’s failure to rein in a lethal profit machine.

Unfortunately, when most medical consumers hear FDA approved they believe in product safety.  However, according to Bartlett and Steele:

The FDA gets its information on foreign trials almost entirely from the companies themselves. It conducts little or no independent research. The investigators contracted by the pharmaceutical companies to manage clinical trials are left pretty much on their own. In 2008 the F.D.A. inspected just 1.9 percent of trial sites inside the United States to ensure that they were complying with basic standards. Outside the country, it inspected even fewer trial sites—seven-tenths of 1 percent. In 2008, the F.D.A. visited only 45 of the 6,485 locations where foreign drug trials were being conducted. 9.

One More Girl is a valuable documentary that needs to be viewed by every woman in the United States and in the world. Women need to understand how they are exploited by the medical and pharmaceutical industry.  The mothers and daughters speaking in the film desperately want to reach out to other medical consumers to let them know how the HPV vaccines destroyed their lives.

Please support this documentary.  It will prove to be one of the most important films of the 21st century.  All donations will go toward production expenses only. ThinkExist Productions in conjunction with Truth About Gardasil, and SANEVax Inc.,– Safe, Affordable Necessary and Effective Vaccines, will be marketing the film globally to ensure that Pharma capitalization of medical experiments on women are halted.

On behalf of the parents and families of the 21,133 girls adversely affected, the 89 who have died, and the 90 to 99% of girls who may have been injured or died from illnesses related to  Gardasil or Cervarix and whose parents and physicians have yet to recognize their health problems as HPV vaccine related – we thank you. Your contribution will prevent another adolescent girl or boy from being injured or dying from another uncontrolled medical experiment.


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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.