Ann Blake-Tracy PhD- Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? on Holy Hormones Honey! Jan. 2

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Ann Blake-Tracy’s informative interview on the dangers of SSRI’s is now posted on VoiceAmerica. It also archive on my blog. If you know of anyone taking an SSRI – please share this information. Ann is well-researched and has a message for all to hear.

Botha-player-wideAnn Blake-Tracy PhD:
Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare
Holy Hormones Honey!
January 2, 2014
VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel
Noon ET; 11 am CT; 10 am MT; 9 am PT

Ann Blake -Tracy, PhD, author of Prozac: Panacea or Pandora? – Our Serotonin Nightmare became an ardent activist after two of her friends – both Mormons who did not drink – but who became ‘lushes’ (alcoholics) after starting on the SSRI, Prozac. According to Ann: “It only got worse from there, but they continually asked me about Prozac. Finally I heard the fear in their voices and checked the package insert to find an answer, There it was in black and white…the drug causes hypoglycemia and diabetes. I knew then that the blood sugar reaction is what was causing them to drink. Alcoholism is hypoglycemia.  I have always felt blood sugar imbalances are the worst diseases in the world because when imbalanced you cannot think to know what to do for yourself. That was my first concern, in stopping more blood sugar reactions.”

ABT Prozac Panacea or Pandora Dr. Tracy has been researching, writing, and lecturing about serotoneric medications since 1990, and testifying in court cases involving antidepressants & the newer atypical anti-psychotics in both the US & Canada since 1992.

Tracy demonstrates that impairing serotonin metabolism results in a multitude of symptoms including suicide, violent crime, mania and psychosis. Suicidal ideation is, without question, associated with these drugs.

Dr. Tracy states: “Research on serotonin has been clear from the very beginning that the most damaging thing that could be done to the serotonin system would be to impair one’s ability to metabolize serotonin. Yet that is exactly how SSRI antidepressants exert their effects.

“For decades research has shown that impairing serotonin metabolism will produce migraines, hot flashes, pains around the heart, difficulty breathing, a worsening of bronchial complaints, tension and anxiety which appear from out of nowhere, depression, suicide – especially very violent suicide, hostility, violent crime, arson, substance abuse, psychosis, mania, organic brain disease, autism, anorexia, reckless driving, Alzheimer’s, impulsive behavior with no concern for punishment, and argumentative behavior.”

According to Dr. Tracy we have a new vocabulary as a result of SSRI’s: road rage; suicide by cop; murder/suicide; going postal; false memory syndrome; school shooting, and bi-polar – a condition that affects 1 in 3 people – not to mention skyrocketing rates of antidepressant-induced diabetes and hypoglycemia.

ABT ICDADr. Ann Blake-Tracy, holds a Ph.D. in Health Sciences with the emphasis on Psychology, and serves as the executive director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness. She has specialized for 17 years in adverse reactions to serotonergic medications (such as Prozac, Sarafem, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Celexa, Lexapro, Effexor, Serzone, Remeron, Anafranil, Fen-Phen, Redux and Meridia as well as the new atypical antipsychotics Zyprexa, Geodon, Seroquel and Abilify), as well as pain killers, and has testified before the FDA and congressional subcommittee members on antidepressants.

Since 1992 she has testified as an expert witness in Prozac and other SSRI related court cases around the world. Some of the more high profile cases she has worked on include the murder/suicide of comedian Phil Hartman and his wife Brynn, the Columbine & Red Lake School shootings, and Andrea Yates – the Texas mother who drowned her five children.


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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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