Beth Lambert: “A Compromised Generation” on Holy Hormones Honey! Feb 25

Beth Lambert’s interview this past Wednesday – was probably one of the most important shows I have ever done. Please take the time to listen and to share. We need to recover all of our children. The show is archived here.

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Beth Lambert,
Executive Director of Epidemic Answers
Holy Hormones Honey!
Wednesday, February 25
7 pm ET – 4 pm PT

Liberty Beacon Radio Network


bethlambertheadshot31BETH LAMBERT is a former healthcare consultant and teacher. She is the Executive Director of Epidemic Answers, an organization that educates the public about the epidemic of chronic illness affecting our youth, and helps parents find solutions for healing their children.  Beth attended Oxford University and graduated from Williams College and holds a Masters Degree in American Studies from Fairfield University.

Epidemic Answers is dedicated to educating the public about the epidemic of chronic illness affecting the current generation of children and providing prevention and healing solutions for parents, caregivers and future parents.

Beth is also involved with the Documenting Hope project born of one simple gutsy observation: “In spite of what most parents are told, many of these children can get better. We have the tools. And by demonstrating how they get better and how to protect their health we have the opportunity to create a better, safer, healthier and more sustainable future . . . for all of us.”

The Epidemic of Chronic Illness in America’s Children

Beth Lambert’s timely book, A Compromised Generation reveals how seemingly benign elements of American culture are making millions of children chronically ill, A Compromised Generation Bookdisabled, or dysfunctional. Children are being diagnosed with illnesses such as autism, asthma, allergies, and ADHD at a breathtaking rate. The etiology of autism continues to confound mainstream medicine, yet parents, medical researchers, and healthcare practitioners dedicated to unraveling the mystery are beginning to put the pieces of the puzzle into place. They have found that environmental factors that cause autism are the same ones causing epidemics of ADHD, juvenile diabetes, asthma, gastrointestinal disorders, and many other chronic illnesses. Although the specific pathophysiology of each individual child’s illness varies, they all have the same basic underlying causes. It is a perfect storm of environmental factors including decades of pharmaceutical over-usage, toxic or nutritionally anemic diets, excessive exposure to environmental toxins, specific American habits and lifestyles, and excessive or improperly administered vaccines. A Compromised Generation provides details on how this epidemic can be reversed and how to prevent more children from becoming ill, supplying evidence that children can recover from chronic illnesses, including autism, by altering their environmental influences and by stepping outside of the traditional western medical paradigm.

Beth believes that the epidemic of chronic illness in children has reached a critical tipping point and there is an urgent need for practical solutions that can be applied immediately. Some startling statistics:

• Rates of autism have risen over the last few decades from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 50 children. Autism costs the U.S. $126 billion per year.

• Asthma affects 1 in 8 children, and as many as 1 in 6 African American children. Asthma costs the U.S. $56 billion per year.

• One in 3 American children is either overweight or obese; Obesity-related medical costs account for $190 billion or 21% of medical spending in the United States; childhood obesity carries a price tag of $14 billion a year in direct medical costs.

• One in 20 children has a life threatening food allergy.

• One in 30 children is diagnosed with pediatric depression. The U.S. spends $83 billion a year on depression.

• It is estimated that approximately 10% of American children have ADD/ADHD and 17% are labeled as “learning disabled.” ADHD is estimated to cost the US upwards of $100 billion per year.

It does not matter how we got here – we are here. And now we need to find our way out.

Kids growing up today are called “Generation ToXic” – because our children’s’ brains are at risk from a barrage of heavy metals and other common chemicals.  In fact, a study was published in 2005, citing higher levels of mercury, lead and zinc found in the baby teeth of children with autism. Where is this coming from? One, the obvious – vaccinations, but the other and even more troubling are the heavy metals passed in-utero. More studies on this can be found here.

Is it possible that the toxic levels of heavy metals in our body are setting the stage for autism in our children’s body’s?




Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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