David Stephan: Save Ezekiel’s Family – Health Freedom at Stake in Canada

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02.21.16 Stephan Meme Date

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David Stephan – Vaccine Trial –
Parental Rights and Health Freedom at Stake

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Join me when I interview David Stephan about the lose of his child – and the ensuing court case brought against his family by the ” Crown” (Canadian government) for “failure to provide the necessities of life” prior to the death of his one and a half year old son in 2012.

Are David and his wife being used as scapegoats because of the landmark court case, David’s father, Anthony Stephan founder of Truehope – The Leaders in Brain Health won against Health Canada years ago?

How is it possible that “The Crown” can leverage a failure to provide” notice when it has not passed a bill – or notice or regulation that if a parent does not vaccinate their child their are held in contempt?

For those of you who are unaware – what is happening to David and his family will be a landmark case – not just for Canadians – but for parents in the US and across the world.

To lose a child is one of the saddest experiences one can imagine – but to be sued and be threatened with a five year prison sentence is egregious. There are many flaws in this case – and David and discuss them quite frankly. You will have the opportunity to hear his poignant story – knowing that someday it might be your story or your children’s story if we do not come together and take a stand.

You can contribute financially to David’s Go Fund Me campaign.  Their legal expenses will exceed $60,000 which includes attorneys and expert legal witness – (time and travel).

02.21.16 Stephan family

(Vaccine) Trial will be proceeding February 29th!

*Please share as not only our family is at risk, but the rights of Canadians*

Before proceeding on what is currently happening, here is a brief recap of what the crown is looking to achieve from our family’s tragic situation. They are looking to create the legal precedent through the court system that when a child falls ill, parents who chose not to vaccinate have a greater onus to seek mainstream medical attention sooner than parents that do vaccinate, and if any harm befalls the non-vaccinated child from an illness that there was a vaccine for, the parents can be held criminally liable. If achieved, not only will this be a blow to the rights of Canadians, but will likely result in an already overburdened medical system becoming completely bogged down with parents needlessly flooding emergency rooms with mildly sick children out of fear of criminal prosecution. For more info on this agenda, please refer to our previous update.

As many of you already know, unfortunately the delay argument was not accepted and we will be going to court for nearly the entire month of March. Though it was acknowledged that we are sitting at about 30 months that the trial has been stalled, an exception to the qualifying guidelines of 14 – 18 months delay time for typical case dismissal was made based on the complexity of the case and all of the evidence it will entail (including vaccine based evidence). News video coverage here.

Though proceeding with the delay argument was a tough gamble to make and we had hoped for a different outcome, there were some great learning lessons that have come from it. For one, Collet and I now know what it feels like to take the stand and testify. As a great deal of fear has been alleviated, this will assist us in preparing for trial in March. Second, we are coming to realize that by in large, the general public is coming to see these charges for what they really are and we are receiving a tremendous amount of moral and financial support from individuals within the community as well as Canada and the US abroad. Thirdly, we now know who will be playing the part of our accusers. To see them in person and begin the forgiveness process, regardless of the outcome, is perhaps one of the most liberating actions that one can engage in. I have to say that it is only through the grace of God that we have been able to look on these individuals that only stand to do us harm while achieving their agenda, and yet still feel love towards them, recognizing them as divine creations from the same loving God that created us all. Though the pathway that lay before us is filled with chaos and turmoil, God’s peace is filling us from within.

Moving forward, we have an incredible journey before us that I believe will take nothing short of a miracle to get us through. As we now live 6 hours from where the court proceedings will be taking place, we have to uproot the family and live out of our suitcases for the duration of the trial. We will have to extensively relive the passing of Ezekiel, the most tragic moment of our lives that we never fully had the opportunity to heal from before being charged. We will have to relive these moments on the fourth anniversary of them happening as the trial is currently scheduled to end on the day of Ezekiel’s funeral in 2012. We will need to come up with at least an additional $60,000 to cover all of the lawyer prep time (which is largely discounted), court time and additional costs that have resulted from the crown introducing the vaccine agenda. Defending against the vaccine agenda will largely include bringing in expert witnesses to adequately combat the vaccine topic and the additional court time that will accompany this. There is no doubt that the next month is going to be extremely taxing emotionally, spiritually and financially. However, as we have been perfectly supported and provided for throughout this entire court case, we have faith that good people will continue to step forward and stand with us in protecting our family and the rights of Canadians by supporting us with their Love, prayers and financial support.

As humbling as it is to ask, we continue to need your help. For those that have already reached out to us we are truly humbled, eternally grateful and changed individuals as our hope for humanity truly has been restored. Thank you for being the answers to our prayers and a miracle in God’s hands.







Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.