Bonnie Kaplan PhD: Linking Mental Illness to Inadequate Nutrient Uptake Aug. 22

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Bonnie’s fascinating interview is now posted on the Holy Hormones Honey! landing page on VoiceAmerica.   Dr. Kaplan stated the obvious… and folk’s we have been looking at our health through the wrong lens:  “Nutrition should be the primary treatment – medication should be the supplement.”  Think about it.  There are no side effects from nutrition. Let the body resolve what it can – and then evaluate what it needs for additional support.  Medications were developed to be short-term fixes – not long-lasting crutches.

Botha-player-wideUnderstanding Your Mind, Mood, and Micronutrients – Part II
Treatment Studies
Noon ET; 11 am CT; 10 am MT; 9 am PT
August 22
Holy Hormones Honey! on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness Channel

According to psychology researcher, Bonnie Kaplan, we are in a global mental illness epidemic. Indeed, scientists agree. In an article released July 24, 2013, Reuters reported that the rising costs of mental illness such as dementia, depression and addiction is overwhelming. Estimated costs of brain disorders in Britain alone are at more than $172 billion. Scientists are saying the same amount of funding is needed for research.

Bonnie Kaplan will say that independent peer-reviewed research on broad spectrum micronutrient treatment for mental disorders has already been conducted, and published.

Kaplan will be joining host Leslie Carol Botha for a two-part series on ‘Understanding Your Mind, Mood, and Micronutrients’.

In the first interview Kaplan will explain the social/historical context of how society got to this point. In the second interview she will focus on the empirical data (including treatment studies) that links mental illness to inadequate nutrient intake.

Bonnie Kaplan headshot - OKBonnie J. Kaplan, PhD is a Professor in the Faculty of Medicine (Department of Paediatrics, Department of Community Health Sciences) at the University of Calgary, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Originally from Ohio, she did all her training in the U.S. (Univ of Chicago, Brandeis Univ) in experimental and physiological psychology. Her interest in the biological basis of behavior led to postdoctoral training and then faculty research in neurophysiology at the West Haven (CT) VA Hospital Neuropsychology Laboratory, and Yale University Department of Neurology, until she moved to Canada in 1979. She has published widely on the biological basis of developmental disorders and mental health – particularly, the contribution of nutrition to brain development and brain function. Her nutrition-related studies have focused on 1) broad spectrum micronutrient treatments for mental disorders, and 2) the effect of intrauterine nutrition on brain development and maternal mental health.

Kaplan’s research institute profile can be found here:
Clicking on a link at the bottom of that page takes you to some of her most recent articles, as listed on PubMed.

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