Hurricane Sandy Predictable or Global Warming? Ken Ring Speaks Out on Holy Hormones Honey! November 12

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Monday night’s radio interview with Ken ‘Moonman’ Ring is now posted.  Yes, the weather is predicable – and yes, global warming is a hoax. And oh yeah, we are all going to make it past December 21, 2012. Listen to a great informative radio show – about predicting the weather to prevent catastrophes from being uninformed and ill prepared.  Only on Holy Hormones Honey!

Was Hurricane Sandy predictable? Are other weather patterns predictable?  What about earthquakes?  Join Leslie Carol Botha and Long Range Weather Forecaster, Ken ‘Moonman’ Ring – on Monday November 12, on Holy Hormones Honey! to learn more about the fascinating science of predicting weather patterns using lunar cycles and planetary movements.  Ken will even be predicting winter patterns across the U.S.!  Holy Hormones Honey! only on KRFC FM Fort Collins, CO 6 to 7 pm MST.

Long Range Weather Forecaster Ken ‘Moonman’ Ring is a writer from Auckland, New Zealand, who uses lunar cycles to predict weather and earthquakes. He terms his predictions “alternative weather” and has authored books about the weather and climate. Ring publishes almanacs each year for New Zealand, Australia and Ireland in which he provides weather predictions for the entire year. His New Zealand almanac covers 64 towns and is usually one of the top ten selling non-fiction books. Ring is currently working on developing a database for an almanac for the U.S.

Ring’s methods are not supported by mainstream science and have been criticized by scientists.

Ring is known for predicting weather and authors books on “how the moon affects the weather”, which include an almanac each year for New Zealand (since 1999), Australia (since 2006) and Ireland (since 2010). He believes that the cycle of weather follows a lunar pattern and can be used to predict weather any day years in advance. The lunar cycle occurs every 9 years, while the solar cycle repeats at 11 year intervals and by assessing the two Ring believes that the weather recycles though a 355-day cycle, a 19-year cycle, and a 36-year cycle. According to his website it is not an exact science and is opinion-based similar to economics or political science and his rainfall predictions can be out by 24hr and a radius of 50 to 60 miles (80 to 97 km).

His New Zealand almanac covers 64 towns and is usually one of the top ten selling non-fiction books. He also writes columns for farming and fishing publications and is an on-call weather reporter for Channel 7’s Today Tonight show.He says he has provided forecasts for specific events including the Melbourne Cup, EllerslieFlower Show and the Auckland Santa Parade. Ring speaks at various business and media events and has produced long range weather predictions for the Gisborne City Council through to 2020.

According to Ring:

Whether or not we realise, weather dictates our whole lives. Just imagine having more information about what was coming, and being able to better plan for crops, sports or wedding events, trips, commercial projects, roading contracts, aviation and public safety.

The best way to predict the future is by looking at the past. Our method looks at trends and cycles of moon orbits. Accurate future knowledge about weather in your business plan gives you the edge, both for your own purposes and in the competitive marketplace. Imagine how much could be saved by cancelling or postponing events before it rained and perhaps by putting on more staff if you knew beforehand that the weather was going to be fine. Much more could be made by a larger turnout to a festival, gala or market day and much could be saved by avoiding thunderstorms or snowfall times.”

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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