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Susan Rex Ryan, author of “Defend Your Life”
Vitamin D Wellness Protocol

How much do we know about the healing effects of vitamin D? I invite you to listen to my podcast with respected colleague, friend and author, Sue Rex Ryan on my podcast on Sunday night, February 28 @ 7 pm ET – 4 pm PT.  I have interviewed Sue many times over the years – and she and I both had the opportunity to meet last year at AutismOne in Chicago, where we were both presenters on our topics of expertise.

Sue has developed a Vitamin D Wellness Protocol – which is what we discussed on the podcast. Please visit Sue’s blog and read through the great articles she has posted on vitamin D – also known as the “missing hormone” and our health.

Sue is celebrating an anniversary too. A year ago she started a group on Facebook called Vitamin D Wellness. Today there are almost 8,000 members to this group from around the world. During the podcast, Sue relates stories on many people’s chronic illnesses, and how with the simple advice from herself and her group of admins on her wellness protocol, many of their lives improved significantly. One of the stories was of a woman in a wheelchair resigned to the onset of MS and her spending the rest of her life incapacitated – when after being on therapy she was recently able to stand without support.  Sue extends a warm welcome to anyone who wants to join the group.

She also written many articles on her blog. Her most recent is entitled: Have You Inherited a Vitamin D Deficiency?

Let’s take a brief look at genetic traits. We inherit about 23,000 genes – both “good” and “bad” – from our biological parents. The great news is we are no longer need to acquiesce to being stuck with with “bad” genes.  In fact, we can — at least in some cases — influence the behavior of “bad” genes so that they become “good” genes. By identifying our vitamin D-related gene variants, we can simply reverse this inheritance to enjoy improved health.

Sue and I also covered this topic briefly on the podcast. Sit back, enjoy, and know that our state of health is not only in our hands – it is safe and affordable too.


Sue-Ryan editSusan Rex Ryan is the award-winning author of the Amazon bestseller Defend Your Life. The well-researched book covers the health benefits of vitamin D including the potential prevention of chronic medical conditions including autism, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis. Ryan  also is a guest health writer for Lucine Biotechnology, Inc., a research and diagnostics company.

Susan Ryan possesses a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgetown University and a Master of Science degree from the U.S. military’s National War College. In addition, she has earned scores of Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits from accredited U.S. medical programs approved by, inter alia, The American Academy of Family Physicians. Her professional memberships include the Vitamin D Council, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Born and raised in the Philadelphia, PA area, Sue enjoyed a career with the U.S. government where her service included leading non-proliferation efforts for nuclear and chemical weapons security. Formal recognition of her achievements includes the Office of the Secretary of Defense’s Exceptional Civilian Service Award and the U.S. Department of State’s Meritorious Honor Award.

For the majority of her life, Sue Ryan endured an undiagnosed vitamin D deficiency from lack of adequate sun exposure, a common situation for millions of people living outside the equatorial region. After retiring in her early 50’s, Sue parlayed her science background with a quest to attain a medical understanding of hormonal imbalance. She attended medical conferences, seminars, and workshops to learn about vitamin D and other hormones from renowned experts. Having extensively researched compelling medical findings about vitamin D’s benefits, Sue successfully became “vitamin D healthy.” She shares her impassioned self-help success and knowledge about vitamin D in Defend Your Life with the hope that the information in her book will empower the health and quality of life of many people.


October 28, 2013 – The Mom’s Choice Awards® Names Defend Your Life Among Best in Family-Friendly Products!

Defend your Life

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