Breastfeeding Oreo Advert Goes Viral

[Leslie Carol Botha: Advertising, advertising….not surprised to see a baby suckling while grasping an Oreo cookie.  Sign of the times. At least the infant is not trying to suckle the cream inside!]

‘Breastfeeding advert wasn’t meant to go public’: Kraft says controversial Oreo promo was just to screen at forum (as it goes viral)

Mail Online
By Lee Moran
April 2012 | Oreo has claimed its controversial breastfeeding baby advert was ‘never meant to go public’.Kraft Foods, the firm’s parent company, said the provocative picture of a child clenching a chocolate cookie while suckling on a woman’s breast was only supposed to be used once.The nipple-exposing promo was made by its Cheil Worldwide agency, it added, which was merely going to use it for an advertising forum.

One said: ‘There is a thin line between creative liberty and ethics. A complete fail for me.’

Another added her disgust by saying: ‘Simply not pleasant. Nor appealing. (Are you going to have a nice warm cup of mother’s milk with your cookie now?)

But others said they loved the picture. Thenikcreative posted on ‘Are you guys kidding? As an OREO fan I find this ad absolutely fantastic.

‘The art direction is great – the look in the babies eyes is priceless … well done Cheil.’

And ashtrinjuljim said: ‘I’m a mother of 3 …I see nothing wrong with this ad…its natural for a mother to breast feed and if that’s the part u take offense to then Ur a prude plan and simple.

‘The whole part about the baby holding the Oreo is cute and eye catching…..and as for those of u who think mothers breasts don’t look like the while breast feeding guess what some moms do! Get over yourself and Ur own insecurity….’

Some have suggested the ‘leak’ of the advert could be part of Oreo’s 100th birthday promotional campaign which it officially celebrated last month.

A Kraft spokesman said: ‘This ad was created by our agency for a one-time use at an advertising forum. It was never intended for public distribution or use with consumers.

‘It has never run in Korea or any other markets.’

Born on March 6, 1912, the Oreo brand now fetches a staggering $1.5billion in global revenues and is the world’s top selling cookie of the 21st Century.

The limited edition 100th birthday Oreo features creme flecked with colour

A staple in households from New Jersey to Indonesia, the first ever Oreo was baked by the National Biscuit Co. bakery on West 15th Street in New York City.

The company sold its first batch of the creme-filled delights by weight in Hoboken, NJ for $0.30/lb.
Inspired advertising campaigns right from the outset have ensured an enduring shelf life for the traditional cookie.


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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