Assessing Maternal Mental Health Post ASD – Are Moms Getting too Damn Vocal?

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Hysteria – a word used to make women feel insane for knowing what they know. ~ Eve Ensler

Many of you have heard me use this quote in my blogs and on my radio shows. But there is not another statement that captures the reality of suppressing women’s voices with fears about their ‘hysterical’ responses to life. In fact, I think I will have this engraved on my headstone.

Never before has the vaccine issue been so heated, so vocal and so front and center. Never before have parents of autistic children come out in force on the social media networks warning others about the dangers of vaccines. No longer hearsay – no longer cult-speak – science now backs up our concerns.

In fact, this is what Marcella Piper Terry of wrote about the recent reporting of the measles outbreak at Disneyland – the vacation hot spot for thousands of families, especially during the holidays:

There are nine confirmed cases of measles among people who visited Disneyland during the week before Christmas, according to this report from KTTV in Los Angeles.

Let the hysteria begin! Or not.

Before everyone starts panicking and racing out to get vaccinated. Please take some time to learn the truth about measles, and about the MMR vaccine.

This article contains the truth about measles. There are dozens of links to peer-reviewed medical research documenting the harms of the MMR vaccine, the failures of the MMR vaccine, and the causal association between MMR vaccine, gastrointestinal disease and “autism.”

This is what you need to combat the push to blame this “outbreak” on vaccine-free children, which is designed to take away your parental rights.
Please read, save, and share:

And this is the meme that accompanied the post:

measles reality check

And this is the study that JAMA released on January 6, 2015 referring to “psychological distress amongst mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder.” Their suggestion? Interventions that address parental mental health.

Translation: We’ve got too many loose canyons out there. Intervene with drugs, therapies and monitoring.

Pretty soon mothers will be bearing another label: ‘Maternal Autism Stress Disorder’. (Refer to ‘Hysteria’ quote above.)

Perhaps the authors of the purported ‘study’ will next look at whether parents of medical kidnap victims experience high stress levels…

What is the nonhysterical response? Our children become neurologically damaged or chronically ill if we do vaccinate or taken from our care if we choose not to vaccinate…

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Maternal Mental Health After a Child’s Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder


JAMA Pediatrics

Improving Maternal Mental Health After a Child’s Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Results From a Randomized Clinical Trial

Emily Feinberg, CPNP, ScD; Marilyn Augustyn, MD; Elaine Fitzgerald, DrPH; Jenna Sandler, MPH; Zhandra Ferreira-Cesar Suarez, MPH; Ning Chen, MSc; Howard Cabral, PhD; William Beardslee, MD; Michael Silverstein, MD, MPH

Importance The prevalence of psychological distress among mothers of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) suggests a need for interventions that address parental mental health during the critical period after the child’s autism diagnosis when parents are learning to navigate the complex system of autism services.

Objective To investigate whether a brief cognitive behavioral intervention, problem-solving education (PSE), decreases parenting stress and maternal depressive symptoms during the period immediately following a child’s diagnosis of ASD.




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