Sperm: A Tale of Whipping Tails and Infertility

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“We’ve overcome the necessity to have a strong immune system to fight off infections.” NIH doc on a plane to Chicago

Holy Hormones Journal: If you were asked what was the greatest human right that you have ever lost – what would you say? Right to choose? Right to make a decent income, provide for your family? The greatest right we have lost is in our health freedom and the right to have a healthy immune system. Hands down.

I happened to be sitting next to a young NIH doctor on my way to speak at the AutismOne conference in Chicago last May. He was sitting between myself on the window seat and a very highly educated and astute obese blind man on his left.  This doctor was fervent about getting into the immigrant and impoverished communities to educate consumers on how their environment and diet affects their health. One would think that would be a fundamental premise of healthcare.

The doctor went on to say that the medical system is now in control and consumers no longer need to have a healthy immune system to survive. The medical industry has designed the means to artificially maintain this crucial system. On the other hand, he said – is this really what we bargained for? Is our state of health  – the loss of our immune system – and subjectification to a life-time of medical therapies providing the quality of life that we all desire?

It is disturbing that new treatments are being introduced for drugs that are already on the market. We just went through that with the struggle to keep an anti-depressant that failed to make it past FDA approval (at two different times) was repackaged and re-branded as the female Viagra.

But what is most disturbing is how our bodies are breaking down. Sperm no-longer have the “whipping” tails to make it through the vaginal canal to fertilize an egg. That is not just a sign of infertility – it is a sign of illness and degeneration.

Is this the type of male birth control we really want? Yes, the immunosuppressant may render men infertile… but a weakened immune system also opens the door to be susceptible to so many other infections.

We are on the downward spiral toward extinction – or we are on the upward spiral of being domineered by the medical industry. (Shh… don’t tell anyone – but we already are.)

Potential Male Birth Control Pill Is Found in an Immunosuppressant Drug

By 10/2/15 at 6:13 PM

Researchers may have found an intriguing new use for two drugs already on the market that are used to prevent organ rejection in transplant patients. Cyclosporine A and tacrolimus are medications that may be an effective contraceptive pill for men, according to a new mouse study.

In transplant patients, both drugs work as an immunosuppressant, preventing the body from producing a protein and inhibiting an enzyme called calcineurin that normally would allow the immune system T cells to launch an attack on the foreign organ.

The study, published Thursday in the journal Science, included one group of these genetically modified (also known as “knockout”) mice and a control group that was still able to produce the two proteins at normal levels. The researchers then attempted to mate the mice—and found the knockout mice were unable to impregnate the females.

The researchers then performed in vitro fertilization with sperm from the knockout mice. Though the sperm count of these mice turned out to be low, that wasn’t the reason why they were infertile. It turns out these sperm were unable to penetrate the innermost membrane of the egg, called the zona pellucida (ZP).

It’s not that these sperm were slow swimmers. The problem was their tails: They didn’t whip at the same rate as regular sperm, which made it challenging for them to fully penetrate the membrane and fertilize the egg. This is what scientists call “hyperactivation.” Upon further analysis, they also determined there were structural differences in these sperm: They had more rigid shapes and therefore were not flexible enough to slip through the ZP membrane.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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