Catholic Church bans LARCs because of side effects

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Holy Hormones Journal:  I have to admit that as a young feminist this stance that the church is taking on birth control would have enraged me. But you have heard me say (via words) that the right to have access to birth control to choose when and where and if we want to have children as been turned against us.  The “artificial” methods of birth control that are now on the market – also known as LARCs – (long-acting reversible contraception) is now out of our control. Women are inserted, injected and implanted with synthetic hormone drips in the form of the birth control vaccine Depo Provera; the silicon rod in the arm – Nexplanon; and the Mirena IUD dripping chemicals into the uterus.

The churches stance fly’s in the face of Melinda Gates the pharmaceutical companies and the Gates Foundation whose plan was to make sure women worldwide were sterilized (well – what would you call it?) with artificial hormones. I even posted an article about giving African women shots of Depo to take home and inject themselves so that would not have to endure the long walk to the clinic. Can you imagine what would happen to that woman if she forgot when she had the initial injection and injected herself off schedule?

Now there is a man who we have to thank for this move. Kevin Galalea. I have a couple of his articles and an interview on the use of chemical endocrine disruptors for depopulation. Kevin was in Rome over the summer… conducting a hunger strike and met with Vatican officials.  The outcome? The Vatican re-enforced it stance against the use of synthetic hormones.

The New Times – (Rwanda)
By: Emmanuel Ntirenganya
September 04, 2016

Catholic Church changes stance on ‘artificial’ family planning methods

Catholic Church-run health facilities in the country are no longer offering artificial contraceptives ever since last month.

The Catholic Church has about 115 health centres and nine hospitals in the country.

The move poses questions to family planning programme, whereby a married couple is advised to give birth to not more than three children.

Speaking to Sunday Times, Monsignor Philip Rukamba, the Bishop of Butare Diocese and President of the Episcopal Conference of Rwanda, said that the Church considers artificial contraceptive methods are not good and requests Catholics not to use them.

He said the birth control syringe, pills and other artificial contraceptive methods have many side effects.

He said the Church accepts the existence of family planning and that it was possible, but through natural methods, noting that CARITAS Rwanda, a Catholic Church based charity, offers such services in all the dioceses in the country.

“The church encourages use of ‘natural’ contraceptive methods. The system starts from knowing the fertility period of a woman and also [consists] of respect between a husband and a wife so that they cannot give birth to children they do not wish,” he said.

The Bishop noted that the Church had agreed with the Government to ban artificial contraceptive methods in all the health centres and hospitals of the Catholic Church about five years ago.

He said subsequently, the Ministry of Health (MoH) established secondary health posts – near the hospitals or health centres owned by the Catholic Church – in a bid to receive people who seek artificial contraceptive methods to control births. He said these health posts often work with the public health facilities.

Bishop Rukamba noted that what made the issue come up again was that some people who the centres seeking artificial contraceptives facilities did not get them and started complaining.

He added that new local leaders also tended not to understand the Catholic Church’s stand on those methods.

Letters sent to health facilities owned by the Catholic Churches and district officials about two months ago, intended to remind them that the church agreed with the government on that matter.

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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