Erin Brokovich on Essure: If 20,000 Penises Were Falling Off – World Would Stop

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Environmental activist, Erin Brokovich has joined thousands of women who have experienced severe adverse reactions from the permanent sterilization device Essure.  One woman relates 11.3.15 Essurehow she had to have a hysterectomy since the device broke through the uterine wall.  Their stories will make you cringe. And yet the headline in the Daily Mail uses the word “claim” – does that irritate anyone? There is a big difference between”claim” and “state.” In some respects the sue of the word “claim” also relays a sense of doubt until the case is settled and the lawyers decide – right?

Glad to see that Ms Brokovich is taking on this campaign. And I am hoping that this type of “freedom” that women are being sold – is a dangerous threat to their health.  We have to take back our bodies.  This is not working. It is frightening. Period.

Daily Mail
By Jenny Awford For Daily Mail Australia
November 1, 2015

If 20,000 penises were falling off, the world would stop’: Erin Brockovich backs women who claim a commercial contraceptive has left them in agony and needing abortions

  • Some 21,000 women claim to have severe side effects from contraceptive
  • Erin Brockovich has joined campaign to pull Essure from the market
  • Mothers shared ‘horrifying’ experiences with permanent contraceptive
  • Medical giant Bayer said it stands behind ‘benefit-risk profile’ of Essure

Activist Erin Brockovich has thrown her support behind thousands of women who have claimed a permanent contraceptive has left them in agony and needing abortions.

Brockovich is campaigning to have the Essure sterilisation device pulled after more than 21,000 women claim to have been left with severe side affects such as haemorrhaging – which 11.3.15 Essure Workproved fatal in some cases.

Australian mothers have also spoken of their ‘horrifying’ experiences in a desperate attempt to hold medical giant Bayer to account.

‘How many women have to be harmed before we stop?’ Brockovich told Seven’s Sunday Night programme.

If 20,000 men’s penises were falling off, the world would stop.’

Bayer has said it stands behind the ‘benefit-risk profile’ of Essure and takes all adverse event reports seriously.

Nina Bernius, a mother from New South Wales, fell pregnant three times, resulting in two terminations and a baby, although the manufacturer promises 99.8 percent protection.

She discovered she was four months pregnant just one year after having the device fitted and opted to have an abortion.

The mother was assured that it would never happen again, but three years later she fell pregnant again and decided she could not deal with another abortion. 

‘I was still dealing with the trauma of having to deliver a foetus into a kidney dish, and, yeah, I just had to like, do the right thing, I think, with this one,’ Ms Bernius told the programme.

I was horrified and I thought, ‘Well…what’s wrong with me?’ ‘I’m sterilised, and yet I keep on getting pregnant.’

‘Then two years ago I found out that I was pregnant again and I guess that’s what made me think that I needed to do something because I had these foreign objects in my body and they weren’t working.’

She was forced to have a hysterectomy after tests showed the the coils had poked out of her fallopian tubes.

‘The pain is excruciating. I would definitely tell women to run away if they hear the word ‘Essure’, you know, for your own peace of mind, for your health. Run away,’ Ms Bernius told the programme.

Angie Fermalino from New York founded a Facebook group called ‘Essure Problems’ which has attracted more than 8,000 members.

She has spoken about being left in ‘prolonged pain’ after having the coils inserted into her fallopian tubes in a 15-minute procedure which does not involve surgery.

‘Oh, it was immediate. During the insertion, it started. I could feel them putting them in and I could feel them in me when I left. And it never went away.’

She now depends on heavy painkillers after complications were experienced during the operation to remove the device – leaving her with broken coils in her uterus.

‘They pulled them out vaginally. Within a month, the pain started coming back in the same spot,’ Ms Fermalino told the show.

‘I thought I was going to die. I had a hysterectomy and then two subsequent surgeries because I just kept bleeding and haemorrhaging. I wasn’t healing.


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