Damn Sure About Essure – Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Canada

Holy Hormones Journal: Another medical experiment gone bad… and at what cost to women? The nickel-titanium alloy coils implanted into the fallopian tubes were designed to sterilize women 04.24.16 Essurewithout their having a hysterectomy. Yes, just like what we have seen with Gardasil – the very problem the vaccine was supposed to prevent – cervical cancer – is now on the rise in a population of girls with a historically low incident rate. And women who chose the Essure implant are now facing hysterectomies. And in both cases the list of adverse conditions and autoimmune disorders are rampant.

We need to use our intuition and common sense. Coils in the fallopian tubes? What happened to the conversation about vasectomies? A snip and the dude is done.

What do women have to endure? Seeing an “Essure-certified doctor” who places/inserts (nickel-titanium alloy) into the fallopian tubes via the “natural pathways of your vagina and EssureBirthControlcervix.” My legs are already squeezed tightly together.  Source

What is it with men wanting to insert foreign objects into our vaginas? Into our sacred womb. The source of our power.

We need to research and question the pharmaceutical companies when they say a product is safe. The statement below is the same jargon Bayer uses in the US. The same as Merck – “Safe and effective” until proven guilty. That sums it up,  right.

Who is Bayer – who is Merck? Corporations – bound and protected by laws and regulations and a fleet of attorneys and marketing/sales reps who follow the pharma party line.  A corporation is not a living, breathing entity. Why is it that tens of thousands of women injured by the Essure and Gardasil…. have to bow to the corporation saying their product is safe.

Talk about manipulation and suppression of women and our voices.

Oh and take a look at the Essure insert information below… did you know the heavy metal nickel is “leaked” into the body? Did anyone ask if you were allergic to nickel before the device was inserted? How the hell would you know anyway?

Same thing with Gardasil. According to the FDA if a girl was exposed to HPV prior to receiving the shot – the vaccine’s “safety and effectiveness” is reduced by 44.6% and her chance of getting cervical cancer increases by the same rate. Do we test for HPV exposure prior to vaccination? Hell no. How would you know if you had HPV – a virus that passes without incidence in 90% of women within two years.


‘Essure’ birth control subject of potential class-action lawsuit in Canada

A lawsuit involving Essure has been filed in Canada; Bayer says the birth control device is highly effective

Health and Wellness
By: Staff Reporter, Published on Mon Apr 18 2016

Marlee Scott, 27, had no choice but to get a hysterectomy to remove a permanent birth control device that was causing painful complications in her body.

A form of permanent birth control for women, tiny metal coils implanted in the Fallopian tubes, is the subject of thousands of complaints to North American health regulators.

The device, known as the Essure Permanent Birth Control System is sold in countries around the world, including Canada, as a less invasive alternative to having a woman’s tubes tied. Approved in Canada in 2001, Essure is far less common here but is at the centre of a potential class-action lawsuit involving more than 100 women, many of whom say they had hysterectomies to remove the coils.

A Health Canada safety review, ordered in November 2015, follows one conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA announced last month it would require a new, mandatory clinical study; a new patient checklist to ensure women are aware of potential risks; and a new so-called “black box” warning label making those risks clear.

The FDA has recommended the Essure packaging indicate some patients have reported “adverse events, including perforation of the uterus and/or Fallopian tubes, intra-abdominal or pelvic device migration, persistent pain, and allergy or hypersensitivity reactions,” and note that some “reported events resulted in device removal that required abdominal surgery.”

A final report from Health Canada is expected in May.

A class-action lawsuit was filed in October 2015 at the Court of Queen’s Bench for Saskatchewan against global pharmaceutical giant Bayer, which manufactures the device. More than 110 Canadian women have contacted Merchant Law Group about the lawsuit.The statement of claim alleges that Bayer Inc., Bayer Corp. and Bayer Health Care LLC were collectively negligent by: failing to adequately test the device in a way that would “fully disclose the magnitude of the risks associated with use,” and that failing to properly develop and test Essure increased the risk of side effects including “infections, perforated organs, implant migration, pelvic pain and autoimmune disorders.”

The statement of claim also alleges Bayer failed to provide adequate safety data to Health Canada with respect to Essure and argues the company continues to market Essure “in spite of overwhelming evidence that the products are not reasonably fit for use.”

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A Closer Look at the Essure Inserts:

  • Shape: The Essure inserts are designed to bend and conform to the shape of your body while remaining securely in place.
  • Placement: The soft, flexible Essure inserts are permanently placed through the natural pathways of your vagina and cervix so no incisions are needed.
  • Material: The inserts do not contain hormones and are made from some of the same material that is used in heart stents and other medical devices. (NOTE: The Essure insert is made of materials that include a nickel-titanium alloy. Once placed inside the body, small amounts of nickel are released from the inserts. Patients who are allergic to nickel may have an allergic reaction to the inserts. Symptoms include rash, itching, and hives. Talk to your doctor if you think you may have a nickel allergy and he or she will help to determine if Essure is right for you.)

Source – Essure.com


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.