What if Your Cancer Wasn’t Really Cancer After All?

Holy Hormones Journal : How long have we been afraid of the “C” word – this invisible disease that invades our body until a tumor forms and become visible and diagnosable and treated often with violent and lethal therapies. Did Angelina Jolie really need to have her breasts removed? Did you? Or you?  I was one of many who believed that Angelina’s actions were nothing more than a sell-out to the pharmaceutical industry – and even Dr. Al Sears agrees:

Two years after Angelina’s story broke, a study in JAMA Surgery reported the damage… 04.23.16 angelinatime

The rate of double mastectomies soared six-fold…

Another study in the Breast Cancer Journal found the number of these procedures doubled in the U.K.

A development these researchers attributed to the “Angelina Jolie Effect.”

But women’s misery has been their gain.

I’m talking about everyone who profits from the $17 billion breast cancer industry.

That includes hospitals, surgeons, and the drug companies (just to name a few).

But has any of it help women reduce their cancer risk?

The research clearly says NO.

Shortly after, Stanford University released the largest-ever study of its kind on breast cancer procedures.

They analyzed 190,000 breast cancer patients who received less-invasive lumpectomies compared to single and double mastectomies.

And the results were shocking…

There was NO difference in the survival rate. And in the case of double mastectomies, the survival rate actually worsened.

But none of these studies found their way into the media coverage on Angelina’s surgery.

It’s outrageous.

We’re talking about tens of thousands of women being maimed, for no reason than to make the $17 billion breast cancer industry rich. Source 

Of course, now young women have been duped into getting the HPV vaccine for cervical cancer…. is that also a ruse? Just consider the fact that cervical cancer does not historically manifest until a woman is in her 50’s or 60’s that’s 30 to 40 years after after inoculation. Except now we are seeing cases of cervical cancer in the very population of young girls that the vaccine was supposed to prevent. And of course, our cervix like our breast define who we are as women (at least thru the lens of society) and so we will do anything and everything to protect our womanhood – even at the loss of our breasts – and in many cases our lives.

‘Oops… It Wasn’t Cancer After All,’ Admits the National Cancer Institute/JAMA

The Epoch Times
Sayer Ji
April 19, 2016

After decades of wrongful cancer diagnoses and treatments, and millions harmed, the National Cancer Institute and high gravitas journals like JAMA finally admit they 04.23.16 lab _medium_toronutrition_39753were wrong all along. 

Back in 2012, The National Cancer Institute convened an expert panel to evaluate the problem of cancer’s misclassification and subsequent overdiagnosis and overtreatment, determining that millions may have been wrongly diagnosed with “cancer” of the breast, prostate, thyroid, and lung, when in fact their conditions were likely harmless, and should have been termed “indolent or benign growths of epithelial origin.” No apology was issued.  No major media coverage occurred. And more importantly, no radical change occurred in the conventional practice of cancer diagnosis, prevention, or treatment.

Essentially, in one sleight of the semantic hand, entire swaths of the U.S., and global population, who thought they had “lethal cancer,” and were subsequently treated for it, often with violent procedures and treatments, were being told that “oops….we got that wrong. You never had cancer after all.”

If you look at the problem through just breast cancer overdiagnosis and overtreatment in the U.S. over the past 30 years, it has been estimated that approximately 1.3 million women were wrongly treated.  Most of these women still have no idea they were victims, and many have identified with their “aggressors” in Stockholm syndrome like fashion, because they think their “lives were saved” by unnecessary treatment, when in fact the side effects, both physical and psychological, have almost certainly reduced both the quality and duration of their lives.

I have watched the problem of overdiagnosis and overtreatment closely. I get daily updates from pubmed.gov on the topic, and increasingly, high impact and gravitas journals are reporting on this highly concerning phenomenon. Particularly relevant is a review published late last year, which I reported on in my article titled, “Astounding Number of Medical Procedures Have No Benefit, Even Harm – JAMA Study.”

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Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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