Women in India Receive $10 to be Sterilized in Filthy Conditions

Holy Hormones Journal: 4.6 million women and men were sterilized in India last year. Vasectomies made up only 4% of that number. A life time of sterilization and possible infection and other ongoing health issues for one week’s worth of food. What a horrible state of affairs for our sisters. Especially when we know that if men kept their pants zipped up – we would not have this problem – or if there was a safe, effective method of birth control – accessible to all the issue of unwanted pregnancies would be eliminated.  But no. Once again, the barbaric, demeaning and life threatening choice is made to cut out women’s reproductive organs while they are lying in filth.

India’s Poorest Women Coerced Into Sterilization

By Andrew MacAskill – Jun 11, 2013 5:00 PM MT

India women sterilizationSumati Devi knew before she arrived at the grimy government clinic in northern India that she would be paid to be sterilized.

She didn’t know that she would lie on an operating table with bloody sheets, that the scalpel used to open her up would be stained with rust or that she was supposed to first get counseling on other birth-control methods before giving consent to have her fallopian tubes cut and tied.

The main reason Devi had agreed to be sterilized at all was because the $10 she received — equivalent to about a week’s wages for a poor family — would help feed her three children.

“I did it out of desperation,” said Devi, 25, as she lay on the concrete floor recuperating at the clinic in the state of Bihar. “We’re so poor, we need the money. Health officials came to our home. They told us it would be best.”

When it comes to family planning, women are on the front lines in India, which has carried out about 37 percent of the world’s female sterilizations. Government-imposed quotas and financial incentives for doctors mean 4.6 million women were sterilized last year, many for cash payments and many in the unsanitary and rudimentary conditions that greeted Devi. Vasectomies, by contrast, accounted for just 4 percent of all sterilizations.

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Perhaps if women in India were educated about menstruation – they would not be victimized. A new organization in India – Menstrupedia is trying to develop a simple to read and understand comic to help break the myths about menstruation. You can help support this project.


Menstrupedia: Tackling menstrual unawareness among young girls from Aditi Gupta



Author: Leslie Carol Botha

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