Scottish Woman to Implore Parliament About Dangers of Cervarix

May 11, 2009

From my colleague Freda in Scotland – safe vaccine advocate and concerned wise woman – who is making parlimentary mountains move across the seas.

On Sunday 11th May 2009 an article appeared in the Sunday Express, a British  Newspaper, with the heading “Exclusive:  Jabs have left Rebecca Ramagge with  aching joints and fatigue.  Rebecca is 13 years old and comes from Reigate,  Surrey, England.  She has had three doses of Cervarix in the past six  months, suffers agonising joint pains, fatigue, nausea, sight problems and  is unable to walk.

Her Consultant Pediatrician Majeed Jawad has linked her problems to the anti-cancer jab Cervarix that is being given to girls from  the age of 11.  Mr. Crispin Blunt, Conservative Member of Parliament for the  area in which Rebecca and her mother live is very much aware of this young
girl’s illnesses and is having a debate in the House of Commons,
Westminster, London on Wednesday 13th May 2009 at 7 pm.

At this debate,  he intends to ask the Health Minister many leading questions regarding the Cervarix vaccine and will no doubt stress ,as part of his discussion, that  Rebecca’s Consultant Pediatrician has come to the conclusion that there is  a definite link between the illnesses and Cervarix.

Some of the points which I believe Mr Blunt will also raise will concern the small print on the  advert which was sent out to all general practitioners by GlaxoSmit Kline prior to the start of this programme of vaccination.   These points require immediate clarification by the UK government:

  • “There is no data on the use of Cervarix in subjects with impaired immune responsiveness
  • Duration of protection has not been fully investigated
  • Timing and need of booster has not been investigated

These in themselves are very serious issues and we demand to know if our Health Minister and the UK Government are aware that these important areas appear not to have been researched by GlaxoSmithKline    However, I do know that Anne Moffat who is the Personal Parliamentary Secretary to Alan Johnson, the Secretary of State for Health was informed about the GSK advert on 14th April 2009 as I emailed her this information personally.

There is further evidence that Dawn Primarolo, the Health Minister is really
not au fait with the fact that “duration of protection has not been fully
investigated” as she wrote to a Conservative Member of Parliament, Mr Nick
Gibb informing him that “young girls will be protected against the commonest cause of Cervical Cancer for many years to come.”

There appears to be a huge difference of opinion between the Pharmaceutical Company and the Health Minister as both of these comments above mean totally different things.  The specialist herself, Diane Harper, is not happy that this vaccine should be used on girls as young as 11 as in her opinion “given the propensity for young girls to still develop their neurological systems, it seems wise to wait until the girls are a bit older.”

On that same tack, I hope Mr Blunt is able to raise the point again made by Dr Diane Harper that if a girl already has an HPV infection, the vaccine will not work.   She clarified this by saying that if someone has HPV 18, for example, the vaccine will not provide any protection for that strain, or full protection for any of the other strains – (interview by Michele Cagan of the Health Sciences Institute, August 2008).

All in all, it is becoming apparently clear that our young school girls in the UK have been used as guinea pigs in an effort to rush a vaccine on to the market that has not been properly researched.

Research on this product by GSK was only over a 6 year period, Diane Harper told the people and the Government in Scotland that another four years of research was required.

Why the hurry, encourage annual Pap screening which is far more effective and will detect any HPV lesions right away – this kind of screening cannot be stopped following vaccination and if it does then cervical cancer will increase.  These are again the words of Diane Harper.

Mr Crispin Blunt has been sent a lot of information and his research worker
will no doubt put together the above points as well as many others.

However, a new article was published in the Scotsman today, 11th May 2009, with the heading “Cervical cancer jabs cast into doubt after experts
question effectiveness”.
This article may not yet have been seen by Mr
Blunt but will be in his researcher’s hands tomorrow when she is preparing
his paper.

Main points from this article include “Senior public health experts warned that Cervarix might not be as effective as initially hoped.”

“Government advisers in Germany are reviewing the programme there after
leading scientists said the jab was failing to live up to expectations on
the number of cervical cancer cases it might prevent.”

“The scientists also warned that detailed data on Cervarix, which is the vaccine used in Scotland and the rest of the UK, was not being made available by its manufacturer.”

Finally, “Dr Ansgar Gerhardus, a public health expert from the University of
Bielefeld in Germany, said: “The results of the studies clearly contradict
many overly optimistic pronouncements.   Women are entitled to be adequately informed”.

What do I hope will happen after the debate on Wednesday, 13 May – that the
UK Government will be forced to stop the Cervarix vaccination programme with immediate effect until a thorough and scientific investigation has taken
place based on the earlier evidence and most certainly based on the recent
conclusions of senior health experts whose knowledge and expertise is far
greater than that of the UK Health Minister.

That is my sincere wish to prevent any more harm occurring to any more young girls like Rebecca and all the other youngsters who have been affected badly by the Cervarix vaccine.

Freda Birrell

Comment from Leslie

We are the Mother Warriors,  as “Freda the Scott”  has called all of us involved in this movment to protect our daughters.  Some how – some way – we will prevail.


Author: Leslie Carol Botha

Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women's hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of "Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle." Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.