The Rebirth

Gaian Spirituality


The word religion derives from the Latin re-ligio meaning to re-link. The ultimate goal of all religious practices is to broach and reconcile the alienations that have estranged us from our divine Source.  We want to come to peace with the many dualities of our lives. At a spiritual level we want to resolve needs of humanity and the resources of Nature; between substance and spirit; between intellect and the corporal; between male and female; between our own sense of self and the Soul of the planet.

The message the Universal Feminine Wisdom has been whispering to us is “to seek and embrace Wholism” — the integration and incorporation of both the matriarchy and the patriarchy. It is long past time to understand and incorporate the power and passion of both the yin and the yang. The Goddess is fanning the individual spark of Her energy within each of us. She is petitioning us to avail ourselves of the blessing of her wisdom and patience in our quest for inner peace.  Her sigh ripples across our conscience encouraging us to breath deeply of her life force to restore our balance with her sacred cycles.

The energy of the sacred Mother is once again being called forth.  The Neo-Pagan movement (from Latin paganus-peasant or country dweller-Paganism now refers to all nature religions) is being revived worldwide. The actively practicing, several hundred thousand Neo-Pagans are called by many names and represent a wide diversity of worship practice; but the reverence for nature and a profound respect for life in all of its forms and aspects is the commonality that binds their global movement.

The greatest groups of Goddess-worshippers today are found among the practitioners of Witchcraft, or Wicca. A form European Shamanism, Wicca is a pre-Christian Pagan magical tradition. The Wicca tradition and folk wisdom was very nearly eradicated by the blood lust of the Inquisition that murdered millions of “witches”.

Having suffered a long history of violent repression the Craft is enjoying triumphal resurgence blessed by the breath of the re-emergent Goddess. Increasingly the Women’s Spirituality movement has discovered many commonalities with both Feminist Witchcraft and Neo-Pagan adherents. All of these seekers wish to restore the Divine Feminine to her place of primacy and promote Earth Goddess’ teachings of sustainable stewardship of her resources. New movements based on a partnership between feminism and ecology, variously called Eco-feminism and Ecosophy, are attempting to express a form of Gaian Spirituality.  No matter how sincer the participants of these movements are, this latest iteration of witchcraft, can only be a modern-perception of the ancient art.  Over the eons, the original craft has been lost to us.

In the past 30-years, Western culture has reawakened to the possibilities of the Goddess. The Divine Feminine has expressed itself in numerous feminist movements. Women have made a conscience choice to reclaim control over their bodies; to take charge of their wellness and get in touch with their celestial cycles. As women we are ready to claim our sisterhood with the other daughters of the Goddess – Mother Earth – Gaia.

It is said that it’s a wise child who knows its own Mother!


Excerpted with permission:

Goddess of Wonder, Goddess of Light, by Leslie C. Botha and H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik, 2004 Pleiades Publishing, ISBN 0-9716968-1-0

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Author: H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik

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