The Triple Goddess

As above so below

In the name of the Maiden, the Mother

and the Wise Woman

From antiquity, the three aspects of the Goddess have been past down to us through our cultural mythology. We’ve come to know them as the Fates, the Furies, the Graces, the Muses, or even as Faith, Hope and Charity. The three discrete facets of the Goddess reflecting the three phases of the moon — waxing, full and waning pattern the three biological sequences of a woman’s life— Maiden, Mother, Crone.

To understand the triplicity of the Goddess is to realize and internalize the feminine mysteries. The sacrament of the Goddess is not external — but rather the inner benediction of harmony with her varying rhythms, changing from moon to moon, throughout the course of our lifetime.

The three faces of the Goddess mirror our own, and the women around us, each in our time and season. The various faces and voices of the Great Mother, speak to us urging self-knowledge and inner acceptance and tolerance with our sisters and ourselves.

There is a sacred universal rhythm that is linked by the three phases of the moon and the three phases of women. Our foremothers, the ancient goddesses on earth, embodied this universal rhythm as the sacred feminine; and revered their own bleeding time as a gift of grace, as they passed through each cycle.  Accepting this the dance of the universe and its connection to our feminine soul is a beginning to our healing.  As women learn to gratefully accept the changing raiment’s of the Goddess, we will move through the universality of our feminine cycles with a sense of inner peace and true body-ease. Women attuned to the Goddess energy, avoid dis-ease and lovingly reflect her vibrant expressions of the life passage — Maiden, Mother and Crone.


Daughter of the waxing moon, the pure, untouched Maiden embodies unfurling potential and possibilities. She is the quickening seed of creative energy— a vital being, not yet burdened by disappointment or duty. As the crescent light of the moon, the Maiden is the face of innocence, the joyful expression of the woman-child, full of ideas and imagination. As the daughter she is also stubborn, temperamental, untamed, and independent. She tests the might of the Mother, laughing while dancing under the indulgent light of the new moon.


Powerful, passionate and seductive, Mother is the realization of the maiden’s potential. The resplendent reflection of the full moon, she is the lover who, through her womb brings life into being. Drawing from the full moon’s luminous energy she nurtures her charges, providing the many blessings of the earth. Mother is the face of compassion, forgiveness, healing, and love.  In the candescent glow of the full moon she is the Warrior Queen —protector of dreams and mentor of creation.


In the waning-moon light waits the wise woman, the ever-patient grandmother, the wisdom that whispers to you in the dark. Honor the Crone, the giver of death and rebirth as she walks in the shadows of the ebbing moon.  She is destruction, the hand of the spinning fates. Release to her the tired and worn, and she will guide them through the final passage of life’s fragile portal and return her grandchildren to life reborn. In your last hour her caress is your ending breath. Give her your sorrows, sadness, and grief. The Crone is the Goddesses’ final blessing. She harbors the hidden dreams of your heart, is the speaker of truth, the bringer of justice, closure and completion and peace.

Excerpted with permission:

Goddess of Wonder, Goddess of Light, by Leslie C. Botha and H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik, 2004 Pleiades Publishing, ISBN 0-9716968-1-0


Author: H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik

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