To Understand Were We Are Part 1

We Have To Know Where We’ve Been


For more than 25,000 years, the Global Goddess presided over thousands of peaceful, cooperative, civilizations. In these many and diverse cultures older woman were revered as “Wise Women” – reflections of the Universal Feminine.  That ended with the rise of the phallus. For the past 6000 years the Patriarchy has propagandized to promote fear of woman’s power, and to promote the vision of feminine knowledge as destructive and evil. That subliminal message has is culturally imbedded in our consciousness and effects our attitudes and belief structures today.

Even a cursory study of the world religions’ foundational texts revel that the eradication of the ancient Goddess religion was violent, vengeful and spanned millennia. Starting around 4000 B.C.E. the Goddess culture was attacked, subdued, subverted, and co-opted until the Goddess ceremonies were a parody of the Divine Feminine rites.  The new male high priest blasphemed the sacred words of the Goddess.  These “priest”  wore feminine raiment’s, effected false breasts and in some cultures were castrated to serve as eunuch acolytes to the newly, perverted feminine. The traditional menstrual blood offerings of the old Goddess were replaced with sacrificial animals and in some of the new religions, human beings.

By 3000 B.C.E. the rising Patriarchy, instituted “Dynastic Kingships” and developed hierarchical governmental structures to enforce their will on the conquered peoples.  To consolidate their power, and eliminate a possible insurgency, they sought and ultimately succeeded in corrupting and exploiting the sacred practices of the Goddess.  The “Curse”  was begun in earnest.

Despoiled by the new male High Priests, the conquered holy women of the Goddess were made to suffer the degradation of forced prostitution. No longer could the Priestess and the women of the temple practice the sacramental sex and fertility rights of the Goddess. The new order impelled them to serve the men of the community in a perverted form of sexual slavery.

All the practices of the old Goddess religion were banned.  From early Paleolithic times, figures of the Universal Feminine had been an integral part of Goddess worship ceremonies.  Following the injunction of the jealous Jehovah, “…to put no other Gods before me,” sacred images of the Goddess were declared profane and destroyed. It was forbidden to make or revere images of the Goddess. To the adherents of the new Judeo-Christian religions, non-compliance was a heresy punishable by death.


Excerpted with permission:

Goddess of Wonder, Goddess of Light, by Leslie C. Botha and H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik, 2004 Pleiades Publishing, ISBN 0-9716968-1-0


Author: H. Sandra Chevalier-Batik

I started the Inconvenient Woman Blog in 2007, and am the product of a long line of inconvenient women. The matriarchal line is French-Canadian, Roman Catholic, with a very feisty Irish great-grandmother thrown in for sheer bloody mindedness. I am a research analyst and author who has made her living studying technical data, and developing articles, training materials, books and web content. Tracking through statistical data, and oblique cross-references to find the relevant connections that identifies a problem, or explains a path of action, is my passion. I love clearly delineating the magic questions of knowledge: Who, What, Why, When, Where and for How Much, Paid to Whom. My life lessons: listen carefully, question with boldness, and personally verify the answers. I look at America through the appreciative eyes of an immigrant, and an amateur historian; the popular and political culture is a ceaseless fascination. I have no impressive initials after my name. I’m merely an observer and a chronicler, an inconvenient woman who asks questions, and sometimes encourages others to look at things differently.