A New Way to Subscribe to Iconic Woman

I’ve just added an iCal feed for the Iconic Woman articles. You can now add a calendar reminder to pretty much any popular website calendar (such as Google Calendar) or application (such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple iCal).

This is a great way to see the posts right in your calendar. It’s easy to do.

Just add http://iconicwoman.com/?ical as an external iCal calendar to whatever calendar application you are using.

In Google Calendar, for example, go to ‘Add’ and then ‘Add by URL’, and then just add http://iconicwoman.com/?ical to the input box and hit Enter! And it’s done!

If you want to only show posts from a specific category, then add &category= to the end of the URL, with the category’s name at the end. An example would be http://iconicwoman.com/?ical&category=Gardasil



Author: Nicholas Batik