Have Abortions Become Inquisitions?

Leslie Carol Botha: Wake up women.  What is going is an assault on our human rights.  The freedom from unwanted pregnancies that we fought so hard for – and  is in jeopardy.  Have abortions become inquisitions is an excellent question. Has women’s healthcare become an Inquisition?  That is the question that needs to be kept in mind.  We really need to re-evaluate what is being done to our pelvic goldmines for the profit of men.  Anyone else feel like the second sex?

Read this post a woman made on another blog:

I have had 5 csections and have always had a busy healthy lifestyle. With my 4th csection the Dr. was shocked to find my uterus had several large paper thin windows in it and lots of adhesion’s and scar tissue everywhere. It was a very long surgery and they said they were able to remove the scar tissue and separate what they could, but my uterus was shot and absolutely out of commission. They strongly suggested an iud, so I got the heavy duty 8-10yr. one and ended up pregnant as soon as I stopped nursing. They monitored me close and took the baby early- which was awful for her, but she is okay now. This time there was more scar tissue and they couldn’t successfully separate my uterus from my other organs. They once again removed all the scar tissue they could, but I am having a considerable amount of pain and I think it’s getting worse. It is mostly in my lower right, but sometimes radiates to my lower back and down my right leg. I have less range of motion, too- it’s hard to lift my leg more than a foot off the ground. Everyday tasks are daunting and living the active lifestyle we’re used to impossible. I hurt all the time. It’s making me a crappy mom and I hate it! I’ve had nerve blocks, physical therapy, chiropractic work, zoning therapy and acupuncture- to no avail. My doctor wants me to have a hysterectomy and thinks its my uterus causing all of my problems. I am to the point that I am willing to try everything, but am a little nervous to have another surgery. I am not sold that’s the problem Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Do you think men would be doing these things to their bodies?  I feel like women’s bodies have become the testing grounds for medical experimentation.
I know many other women have similar stories to share.

I can’t even imagine the horror stories over abortions.

Abortion proposals are a ‘sick joke’ and ‘abusive’ – psychiatrist

Requirement for six consultants in suicidal case are ‘completely unworkable.

The Irish Times
Judith Crosbie
April 22, 2013

Abortion InquisitionsAssembling six doctors to assess a pregnant woman’s request for abortion was a “sick joke” and would be “abusive”, a perinatal psychiatrist, who deals with the mental health of pregnant women has said.

Reports suggesting a new law on abortion could require two obstetricians and four psychiatrists, one of whom must be a perinatal psychiatrist, to assess the suicidal risk of pregnant women was “completely unworkable”, said Dr Anthony McCarthy of Holles Street maternity hospital. Assembling such a group, especially since there were only three perinatal psychiatrists in the State who are all based in Dublin, in a short time would not “completely impractical”.

“[IT] can only have been designed or thought of by people who do not understand how doctors work,” he told RTÉ Radio 1’s Morning Ireland

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The implication of assembling such a group was that the pregnant woman was not to be believed and this would discourage women who were distressed or suicidal from coming forward to talk, he added. “The idea that you would bring her through a forum such as this. Almost an inquisition, where she would have to tell her story in front of six different people is frankly abusive,” he said.

“This would do everything to say ‘don’t talk’,” he added. If a young girl was being being cyber-bullied the message would be to come forward and compassionate care would be available. “But if she’s pregnant well somehow now the implication is ‘I don’t believe you, you may be manipulative, now you may be lying I’m going to bring you in front of six people to tell your story’,” he said.

It showed nothing had been learned after the scandals in Ireland involving people abused in institutions and in the Magdalene Laundries. “I think we have learned nothing if this is a serious suggestion,” Dr McCarthy said.

Women in such a distressed state may not even want to tell their story to two psychiatrists let alone six. They may even have to go through an appeals panel. “My first question to any woman in that situation would be ‘why are you putting yourself through that process we are obviously putting so many hoops in the way of you that either we don’t believe you or we’re going to sabotage you anyway’,” he said.

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